Thursday, August 8

Best Features of Work 8/8/13

Image: "Cumbria: Dalt Wood" by Tim Blessed.
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     Hello everyone,

How did your day go?  I'm tired, so straight to my gratitudes I go:

Calming a Tense Moment
1. Someone this afternoon was severely disturbed, upsetting the Alamedan community.  I worked with the police and a local agency, helping this person.  The occasion was similar to work I once did in a psychiatric hospital.

Joy of Work
2.  I enjoy the flexibility my work provides;  I call my own hours, which is nice.  Those I work with, I pick.  Contributing towards the well-being of others makes
my job satisfying.  My profession exercises my mind, where I apply material acquired over thousands of hours of study and personal application.

Watching People Heal and Grow
3.  Seeing clients get better, helping them experience increasing joy---through exercising healthy alternatives---makes each day rich.  Those I serve learn how to self-express (using nonviolent communication),  grow in understanding themselves, and experience wholeness. They find healing in areas that had been emotionally or psychological fractured.  That leaves me with a good feeling.

How About You? 

What are the best features about your work?  Let me hear from you. 


Theresa Elander said...


Hum. The best features of my work.

I feel like I am able to help people feel better, feel more stable, improve their health, and feel good about themselves as they make better choices in their lives.

I like that I don't have to drive to an office. I get to prepare and eat my meals at home. A real treat because I eat ad odd diet. And, I can set my own hours and vacations.

I know I am making a difference in the world. I have a need to contribute and I feel that I am doing that.

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

The best features of my work are;

1. The generous health-care benefits. Eg; a $1,500 root canal for $105 out-of-pocket!

2. The relative trust, freedom and latitude to plan and execute my own sales/service strategies, tactics and scheduling; the day is mine to sculpt as I choose...

3. Some of my co-workers are a joy to collaborate with, and... building trust-based relationships with some of my chef/owner clients, painstakingly over time, is a wonder to behold unfolding. In some cases, going from stress and drama packed disasters and trauma (forgetting to place or deliver a critical seafood order) to joking and teasing like old friends!

On this foggy, chilly, summers night in the Castro Valley hills that overlook, the SF Bay, I am grateful for;

A. A nearly 3:00 PM, late lunch on hand-crafted burgers and shakes (Spanky's just off Hwy 13 at Redwood Road, Oakland) with my second-born, 28 year old, late-blooming son. Not necessarily full of drama, animation or lively conversation, but serene and priceless just the same.

B. A generous, late afternoon nap as the final gasps of helium escaped from my nearly flat (bodily) balloon. This, as my non-stop Saturday finally released me to the restorative powers of symphonic snoring!

C. A whimsical film; Frank & Robot, that my wife and I watched tonight, which helped us unwind from the weeks intensity.

Pablo said...

Hello to you, Theresa,

Do you feel effective, when helping others, is that a need met, through your work? You are a fortunate woman, having your own business.

Thank you for sharing about your work!

Pablo said...

Dear Carl (I appreciate your consistency in using this salutation),

Your pocketbook must be grateful, too, for the medical benefits you have! It also sounds like your need for autonomy and independence is met, by the nature of your work.

I'll have to check out Spanky's (an unusual name). In what key do you snore, F? I'm glad you nurtured yourself by viewing a film with your wife. I saw Elysium this past week. It was good. I saw Fruitvale Station last night, a powerful film. I use that station almost every day, including later today. I'll write about my response to this film, sometime this week.

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