Thursday, December 29

Not Sure Yet As to What I'm Doing For New Year's Eve

     Good evening,

Did you read yesterday's post? You might want to take a look at it again. I re-worked it. How was your day? Today, I was in a pretty good mood.

My Gratitudes for Thursday:

1. I sought and received support from a friend. I needed to sort through how I want to respond to what I wrote yesterday about what happened last night. I appreciate having a community that 's there for me, when I need perspective beyond mine.
2. I exercised today. I'll sleep well tonight.
3. I'm seeing how this weekend will eventuate. I have my preferences. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.
4. Talked with my friend Eric Shifrin. He's a phenomenal pianist. I'm thinking of seeing him for New Year's Eve. As a musician, I empathize with what Eric goes through in order to exercise his craft. I'm thankful for the fellowship we shared today.

Good night, I'll visit with you tomorrow.

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