Thursday, March 5

Balanced Living and Thank God for Garlic Pills....... 3/5/15

      No fun to-night, when I got home from Alameda.  Be-lieve me.  More about this, later, Thurs-day.  After I take care of the problem.  One temporary antidote I can use for tonight:
odorless garlic pills.  Gobs of them.

      In a Science Fiction situation, I imagine myself.  Under attack, is how
I feel.  The outcome will be determined tomorrow.  The previous sentences are expressions of the melodrama taking place at home.  I feel under siege.

      It was a good day, earlier, considering.  The most pressing priorities, were taken care of, while pacing my day in the process. Balance prevailed.  Effectiveness counteracted with rest.  Productivity counterbalanced with creativity. Serious work offset with an equal portion of levity.

1.  For garlic pill that contain oil in a gelatin capsule----not powdered garlic.  Am I making you think vampires are after me?   No, not them, but something almost as bad.  I know I am being enigmatic.  I will provide more clarity later, Thursday.
2.  For many who have left comments while I have been busy with work and life.  Thank you.  Really.  Each one, means much.
3.  I get to sleep in tomorrow.  Ya ay!   Thursday I usually see a client at 8:30 a.m., in Alameda.
4.  I met with friends tonight.  I love the openness and rare, profound vulnerability that is expressed when we are together.
5. For maintaining a modicum of sanity while stressed out by my present circumstances, especially as I about about to get some sleep.
6.  For the opportunity to serve people every day. I help others at career and personal crossroads rediscover their course and retake the direction of their lives, enjoying the Great Big Life they want and deserve.
7.  For seeing growth in me, as I continue to explore new ways at improving in my profession.

How About You?
What are your three gratitudes for today?        

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