Friday, March 13

A Special Day For the Inn.......... 3/13/14

      Today is an important day for this inn of gratitude.  On this date this inn was birthed, lo, four years ago.  An adventure it has been, stretching this innkeeper.  I am grateful for those of you who encourage with your comments.  Much has gone on since the doors to this place were opened.

      Last Sunday, we passed the half a million mark.  The past few months, this abode of thankful-ness had more than 800 views per day, some days
1,200.  In the past year 205,000 made time to rest their heels here. It looks like there will be 300,000 views between now and the next anniversary, a growth of 50%.

   Guests from India have surpassed those from the U.K. for the second largest readership.  The U.S. number of guests is the largest: 390,005 of 505,000 guests who have dropped by, seventy-seven percent. The U.K., Germany and Russia are the remaining largest sources of guests.

      Since the last anniversary, I had heartaches---a few relationships ended, including a friendship of thirty+ years.  I am glad this last one did, even though the fellow named his only son after me----and he is not Hispanic.  Visiting once a year didn't cut it.  Reluctantly, in June I left the idyllic island town of Alameda.

      I am happier and stronger of character than I was this time last year, and I was pretty happy and robust then.  Expressing my feelings, experiencing life and not just experiencing is happening more often.  I am more in the moment when relating with others and I am more comfortable expressing my projections, taking ownership of them.

      Last April, I resumed driving.  This was after twenty-five months of not using my car for one mile.  In June I fell in love with a cat I adopt-ed, she dying just two weeks ago.  I have more clients since last year,  I'm close to offering workshops in the community.  I will be offering one on embracing differences next week.

What have I learned over the four years, being an innkeeper?

1.   I discovered parts of my inner self---what I felt about different topics--- through penning about them here.  If I wasn't an innkeeper, I certainly would not have written the 1,052
posts I have. That's twenty-two a month over four years.

   In the process I have aired out thoughts about recovery, dealing with others, low self-esteem, how we can overcome difficulties and deepening our relationship with God.
2.  It is better giving than to receiving.  Doing innkeeper duties has been a way of doing community service, a source of joy.
3.  I have been blessed by the work I  have done here.  I have met many wonderful people who have dropped by.  My writing has improved, too. Thank you for your patience with me as I have learned how to put pen to paper.
How About You? 
Please let me hear how it has been for you, as a guest of this place. I'd love hearing your feedback.
   May you have a great and grateful weekend.  I know I will!
             The Innkeeper


Superman said...

Happy Birthday, Attitude of Gratitude! You have reached many people around the world. Thank you Innkeeper for all your hard work and service for humanity.
Muy apreciado!


Thumper said...

Dear Pablo,

Congratulations on your four year anniversary! Many have gained so much from reading this blog, myself included. I am grateful for your wisdom, advice and honesty.

Syd said...

Thanks for being here. Hope that your journey continues one day at a time.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Dear Innkeeper on this joyful happy occasion!
Half-a-million visits in four years. Amazing!
I always leave the Inn feeling nurtured with Oodles and Oodles of "Innkeeper Wisdom." Thank-You!

Jane G. Yorkshire

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