Wednesday, March 25

The Benefits of Exhaustion ........... 3/25/15

Gratitudes for Wednesday: 
1.  I rested.  My physical reserves have been taxed the past two weeks by all the pain endured.  Halting is a great way of taking care of me. 
2.  Met with a new client. Terrific session. We hit it off right away.  She is the recep-tionist I met at the oral surgeon's office last Friday. 
3.  I love serving others through the work I do. 
4.  Met with
friends tonight.  I spoke up twice. 
5.  I get to sleep in tomorrow.  Ya ay!
6.  I am exhausted.  Why is that a gratitude?  Because it forces me to rely upon God for strength and is getting me to bed earlier and I am staying in it longer.  It also prompts me to assert my boundaries. 
When someone wants more from me and I am totally depleted, I say no. 
7.  I will cycle tomorrow at Chabot Regional Park. 

    That's it for tonight.   I am wiped out.  I'll rewrite this sometime soon. This post is my best for tonight. 

      May you have a great and grateful Thursday!


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Thumper said...


I am so glad that you talked about H.A.L.T in your blog today. Taking care of myself was always the last thing on my list. Everything and everyone came first. Like you, I thought I deserved to go for long lengths of time without caring for myself or my needs. I don't do this anymore! I have been speaking up to others and letting them know when I need time for me. As a result, I am far happier and less depressed. This is also my way of setting boundaries with friends, family and co-workers. This is a huge accomplishment!

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