Tuesday, March 24

Freed From the Dragon of Distress............ 3/24/15

       Still kicking. Had surgery done on a tooth today, en-countered the worst pain, ever, tapping the doctor's arm, several times, when I felt pain, even after numbed multiple times by a giant needle.

      But I am happy. I took care of
me.  Today's adventure was not an option.  Living by my mouth, is what I do.  What a relief it is, freed from the dragon of distress.  No more stabbing pain in my jaw or sleepless nights. Ya ay!

     Friday, I was worried, receiving disturbing information when I was in a horrible state emotionally, physically, mentally. Thank God for recovery.  I met a friend Sunday, he processed the bad news, using a spreadsheet.  I was fearful, my well-being threatened. But I stayed calm.  I responded, not reacted.

     He worked on the information, breaking it into reasonable bits of information, relieving me from imagined horrors.   As he plugged away, I remembered a comment from a wise man. "Even though things look terrible, that doesn't mean they are." He also said, "What you need to do Pablo is to do the next right thing, to distract yourself as God puts things in place."

    That's what happened.

Gratitudes for Monday: 
1. My mouth is shaping up.  I am taking care of me.
2. The staff at the dental office is fabulous. They are kind, supportive, caring and attentive.
3.  I am seeing three new clients this week. New clients stretch me. I like the challenge each client provides and the opportunity to serve.
4.  Someone helped me today. I could not drive home after my dental appointment today. This friend chauffeured me home, got my medications at the pharmacy and shopped for me.
5.  Many have been supportive, as I have struggled the past few weeks. It is terrific, the love, attention and concern I've received from those who care for me.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today?
That's it for tonight.  I'll re-work this later today.

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Thumper said...


I, too am also doing the next right thing to distract myself while God puts things in place for me. Sometimes this is difficult for me. It means I must surrender and let go. I must not try and control the situatiuon by worrying, analyzing and agonizing. This is my default mode and it doesn't do me any good. Thank you for reminding of this.

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