Wednesday, March 18

The Benefits of a Painful Time..... 3/18/15

I am hoping my dentist will be the bridge that takes
  me from torment to peace of mind and tranquility
    How do you respond, when pain sucker punches you? Can you re-member the last time you were there?  In agony, I am, due to an infec-tion endured since Saturday night.  I visited my dentist Monday.  No prescription was given for a pain that makes it hard to see.  I am constantly grimacing, as a stabbing
discomfort assaults my jaw.  The dentist helped
a bit, then.  The rest of my problem will taken care of next Monday.

    What are the benefits of
this dental condition?  How about these:
1. I am brought to my knees.  I am powerless over the insanity I feel while tortured within my mouth.  My plight humbles me. I don't have control over the pain I feel.

    This distress reminds me how much I took my teeth and health for granted before last weekend.  I have never had a problem like what I am enduring now.

2.  I am leaning upon God. For the past three hours I have been unable to think clearly, even though taking pain relief medication.  A tiny bit of its edge has been removed.  But still.

     From Him, I seek the serenity I need.  Dealing with my circumstances is beyond my ability.  I will not fight or curse the torment I feel.  Mental resistance is futile.  I am listening to what my body is saying to me.  In the meantime, I rest in whatever comfort I find while being in his Presence.
"Sorrow [or pain] may last through the night, but joy comes in the morning."                            Psalms 30:5
      I certainly hope so.

     If my dentist does not address my pain, tomorrow, I will see my doctor.  I am worth the expense.  Recovery can be summarized in four words: taking care of me.  I will do that, tomorrow.

3. My physical circumstances forces me to slow down.  A good thing.  My weeks are intense.  But, as you can imagine, I am not getting rest, when I try.  Impossible, when a tooth roars within my mouth.  It hurts so much, the rest of my body stays up with it, at night, keeping it company.

4.  My present affliction forces me to keep the focus  where it should be.  On me.  I am deserving of the attention.  Caregiving is what I do.  This crisis prompts me to practice self-care.  Something easy to overlook, when the needs of others could easily appear more important.  My body is demanding that it needs my undivided attention.

1.  For healthy principles that help me overcome unhealthy thinking I developed as a kid, like, the needs of others are more important than mine.
2.  For getting this problem of pain solved tomorrow.
3.  For the many who drop by this place. Thank you for resting at the inn.
4.  A fabulous time with a new client, today.  I admire his honesty and vulnerability.
5. For discipline. I am giving a presentation tomorrow, even though for two days, I had to cancel appointments because what I have been going through this week. I will push through my pain.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes? 


Thumper said...


I am so sorry to hear about your tooth! I can only imagine how painful if must be. Good for you for tending to your own needs and taking care of yourself during this difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Feel better soon!!

Someone said...

I know it's hard to tend to yourself when your in pain, take it from me I've just got out of a relationship and it really hurt to stop thinking about it, but slowly through time, I eventually went and saw a movie and I felt better about myself. As long as you tend to yourself one way or another, you can make it through whatever struggle your going through. Also you don't have to do it on your own, ask people to help you out if you need that, theres nothing wrong with that.

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