Thursday, March 12

An Exhausted Innkeeper.......... 3/12/15

 Busy day. Saw seven clients. A twelve hour day. But, here are my gratitudes:
1.  I am loved by many. I enjoy the authenticity we share.
2.  I am in the best place, emotionally, physically and mentally, than I have ever been.
3.  I am going to bed as soon as I finish this post.
4.  I love a new
app I am using on my phone. It is helping me get more done than I imagined, in a gentle way.
5. Tomorrow I will cycle before seeing clients.
6. Had a marvelous time with a new client.
7.  Met with friends last night.  Was able to share what was going on with me.
8.  I'll being giving a workshop on embracing different perspectives next week.
9.  I will write a letter for someone dear, soon.  I love writing letters to this person. Over the last two years we wrote over 600.
10.  I will be nurturing myself by doing calligraphy in the next few days.  More about that, when I am not exhausted.

Good night. I'll see you tomorrow. 

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