Sunday, March 29

Inventory of the Past Week........ 3/29/15

Highs and Lows for the past week.

1.  Maintaining balance, even though my schedule is intense.  Setting aside time for me to decompress. This includs time for more sleep, even when I have had enough. I am happy that I am active
dreamer, too.
2. Cycling.  I'll do some more, tomorrow morning.  I rode my steel steed over at Lake Chabot several times last week.
3. For expressing my voice, my values, when happy, and when I am troubled.  Because I do, I am not weighed down with depression or resentment.  My relationships are getting more real, too.
The inability to confront is license for unsafety.  Being unable to confront someone is like having a farm with no fences, or a body without skin. No matter how careful one is, he would always be getting poisoned or infected because of the lack of protection. Someone who is afraid to confront hurtful or abusive patterns in a relationship will find plenty of unsafe people available to take advantage of him.     Cloud, Townsend,  Safe People  p 100
4. I am confronting unacceptable behavior.  I am ending the working relationship with my most difficult client, in the next two days. I look forward to getting this issue resolved.
5.  I am thankful for personal growth resulting from training I have been getting since January.  It is helping me to improve my relationships with others and for a conversation I will have soon enough with someone dear.
6.  I am deliriously delighted that I am no longer in pain. I was, for the past two weeks.
7.  For work that allows me to use almost all my abilities. (I don't see where playing the piano, harmonica or guitar would fit in.)
8.  For many new clients and having a terrific time with them.
9.  I spoke with my close friend Stuart.  I feel better when I do.  He knows me better than anyone else.
10.  For authenticity.  We can't be genuine if we are being controlling, a way of acting I don't care for.
11.  For not being stuck in my head, this week trying to use it to solve my problems.  Analyzing, interpreting, assuming and assessing never helps me to experience life. My feelings ground me, making me present.
12.  I love sessions that end well, 99.9% of mine do.
13.  This past week I listened to more music than I normally do.  It nurtured my soul, rested my mind and took the tension out of my body.

1.  My soon to be ex-client.  She screamed, judged, attacked during our last session. This person had anger way before I came on the scene.  She does not meet my need for respect, reciprocity. I am kind to her.
2.  Not cycling as much as I want.  I will focus on doing more of this, this week.
3. For being taken for granted. Never feels good. I feel disappointed, sad and frustrated when this happens.

How About You? 
What were the high and low points for your past week? 


Thumper said...

Hello Pablo,

I am so happy to hear that you are not in anymore pain! What a wonderful relief for you.

Good for you for having your boundaries and knowing when it is time to end a relationship with a toxic person. I am working on this in different areas of my life. I know that I have to surrender and rest in the belief that my higher power will take care of me after I end certain relationships. I know that something better is in store for me if I just let go and let God.

Linda said...

What a great post! Thank you so much for sharing.

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