Tuesday, March 10

Comfortable In My Own Skin, Even When Judged........ 3/10/15

      Just returned from Sebastopol, driving 130 miles today.  Earlier, I saw clients, including one who had a car accident on her way to see me. What dedication for her personal growth. Today's busyness has me beat.  I am
physically dead.  I'm inwardly happy because I got a new client today, seeing him tomorrow.

My Gratitudes for Today: 
1.  I am switching to digital notes.  More convenient, efficient.  I am retrofitting previous notes into this system.

       At tonight's workshop in Sebastopol, I spoke up.  While there, drama transpired.  The facilitator  declared this workshop will be no more, after our last session in two weeks.  This, after having done these sessions for fifteen years.

       We were informed in a strong way.  I said something about the manner in which she delivered the news.  I have learned much, in spite of being singled out and criticized, five out of six times I have attended.

Gratitude number 2: I am thankful knowing:
 "I block my own well-being each time I base my self worth on what I do or what others think of me."   Courage to Change, p 118.

        This bit of information allows me to be comfortable in my own skin, even when judged tonight, which easily could create uncomfortable feelings.
3.  It's always enjoyable getting a new client.
4.  Sunday, I passed the half-million views mark  Wow.  The past few months there have been 25,000 views a month.  I am happy that others are enjoying their stays at the inn.  My goal last year was hitting this mark by the thirteenth of this month, the fourth birthday of this inn. It's nice getting there sooner.
5.  I look forward to cycling tomorrow morning.  I am getting my bicycle tuned up, refurbished later next week.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today?

  That's it for now.  I'm tired.  I'll work on this tomorrow. 


Anonymous said...

Dear Innkeeper,

Congratulations! On reaching your goal of half-a-million! Amazing! I imagine you are" chuffed-to-bits!"

Here are my gratitudes:

1. My awesome new smart phone... I love it!

2. A nurturing friend, introducing me to " Any Do" a super cool feature on my phone.

3. A good laugh with my sons.

4. Going to an Al-anon meeting with a new friend.

5. My eldest son passed his driving test.

6. Attending church on Sunday.

7. The Serenity Prayer. I said it four times at work today. It helped me stay sane!

8. My youngest sons after school program.

Jane G. Yorkshire

Someone said...

My gratitudes are:

1. Having somewhere to live.
2. Going to a church that feels right.
3. For the friends I have.
4. For the brothers and sister I have.
5. Able to share my feelings and thoughts with someone I trust.
6. A great manager that respects me and knows how to be a fair leader.
7. For a job.
8. For having a laugh with friends and family.

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