Thursday, February 19

The Benefits of Loss................. 2/19/15

More about this, later in this post. 
   Today is a red letter day.  The most visitors, ever.  Over two thousand.  Two thousand, four hundred and thirty-two (2,432). Yesterday, was the previous highest total  I am getting tired putting little chocolates on everyone's pillow.

Gratitudes for Today: 
1.  A client brought her mother with her, to today's session.  The focus was entirely upon the new guest.  I now have a new client.  The mom was visiting from Reno.  We'll use Skype.
2. An interesting point was brought up today, while with a client.  He believed nothing is impossible with
God, appropriating, but misunderstanding a passage of Scripture.  No, this concept does not mean we can achieve anything we want. Not if it isn't God's will.

      Text taken out of context is pretext.  This is what he was doing. Sometimes, working with someone is like sport fishing.   With some of the huge fish, you have to let them go, so to speak.  You give them line.   Let them tire out, then reel them in.

      I have no interest in convincing anyone.  That's futility.  I am more comfortable when people come to their own senses.  There's only one God and I am certainly not Him.
3.  I had a new source for training today, at 4:00 p.m.  A teleconference.  People hailing from around the world joined in.  Learned plenty.  Grew.  Good.  It will continue once a week for five more weeks.

     It was about getting in touch with feelings.
4.  Thankful that many are finding value in this inn.  It is my hope to serve those who drop by for a stay.  I'll include more about that, tomorrow, when I am not tired.  I'll throw in a poem, for good measure.

The Benefits of Loss

      I met, knew, enjoyed, was touched by and lost the most amazing relationship I ever experienced. What meant most to me was they she spoke to me as no one else ever has. And our times were beyond incredible.

     So what are the benefits of this loss? How about these:

  a.  Greater compassion for others who suffer loss.
  b.  Forcing me to use what I know of recovery.
       1) It isn't my lot in life to have everything go my way. It is producing a realistic perspective out life's outcomes.

I'd modify this.  I'd say we "can" jump.  I'm not. 
c.  It has forced me to be gentle towards me.  Not everything is about me.  It's not my fault, there is nothing inept our inadequate about me that caused the end of the relationship.  Sometimes the other person has baggage.
  d.  My relationship with God has gotten stronger.  My loss has caused me to lean more heavily upon Him.
  e.  The absence of the relationship has been a terrific spiritual practice for my feelings.
"No one can make me happy, sad, angry or have any other feeling without my giving them permission to do so." 
  I am toast tonight, so I'm going to bed. I will finish and re-write this tomorrow.  Goodnight.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

"I have no interest in convincing anyone. That's futility" - yes it is indeed, Pablo. One of the hardest lessons that I have ever learned...

Paper Tango said...

No one can make you feel happy, angry or sad without my permission. Powerful words. Thanks, Pablo.

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