Saturday, February 21

A Fabulous Day 2/21/15

       Delightful weather, delightful conversation, delightful cycling.  Can't beat that.  Not true. All of these were trumped by spending all of these aspects of today with a son, creating memories I won't forget.

       I attended a
business meeting related to Al-Anon Family Groups, (AFG) earlier, from 9:00-11:00 a.m.   Had been a two  years since I had.  A member who has attended AFG for nearly one-and-a-half years came too. I am helping as his service sponsor----introducing him in his role as Group Representative.  He's representing the group I attend on Wednesdays in Alameda, at Alameda High.

       He diligently took notes. He spoke up, asking for clarity, adding his two cents to the business matters discussed.  I observed the goings on while working on my files, using the teacher's desk in the back of this basement room.  He and I spoke after it was over, acquaintin him with several who attended.

       Two people among the thirty dominated the meeting.  My response was encouraging.  I said nothing, no compulsion to correct matters.   But I spoke with the facilitator afterwards.  I mentioned I would say, "How about someone who hasn't spoken? I'd like to hear from everybody."  She will do that next time.

       I remember when she attended her first meeting five years ago.   I admire how she has grown in her recovery, even though her husband drunk himself to death during this time, she has serenity and sanity.


     Afterwards, my son and I met, going to our favorite Thai restaurant in Fremont: Sala Thai.  Yum.  We lunched for two hours, enjoying the business sense to our personalities.  We discussed the difference between effectiveness and efficiency, with the former preferred, necessary.  I learn much from him.  Being proud of him, is an understatement.

    We connect well, with many things in common.  This is especially true when I get out of his way, which always my intent.   I'm also partial to his name. :->  I have been hampered by things I do during sessions that really adds to administrative work I do.  I tossed the situation out to him. Together, we came up with a solution that may reduce my time by eighty percent. Wow.

    After feasting, we rode bikes at Coyote Hills Regional Park, in Fremont.  It had been a long while since I had been there. The warm day was tempered by the cool breeze from the bay which outlines the west side of the park.  We stood up in our bikes while climbing the hills on two wheels.  An hour and twenty minutes passed before we called it quits.

     It was sensational, my eyes feasting upon the panoramic views, us taking in nine miles of countryside while chatting and luxuriating in the glorious weather.

Gratitudes for Today:
1.  Time with family.
2.  Time with family.
3.  Time with family.
4.  The change of pace from being indoor more than I should. I am going to change that.
5.  A fabulous lunchtime conversation with an fabulous young man.
6.  Happy to see how a new member in Al-Anon Family Groups take responsibility as a Group Rep.
7.  I met someone today.  Who might be worth getting to know.
8.  Relaxation---freedom from work.
9.  I'll sleep in tomorrow.
10.  It looks like there may be a half a million views of this inn by it fourth birthday, which is March 13th.  One hundred and ninety thousand in the past eleven months, twenty-one thousand in the past 30 days.
11.  Adhering to my boundaries. If not careful, my time could be eaten up by others who want my advice, even when I am not working.
12.  I am excited about my future, in all areas.
13.  For the excellent company I keep, the result of recovery, boundaries and the decades I've spent on my personal growth----like 4-6 hours a day, literally.
14.  For not letting gnats affect my equanimity.
15.  For workshops I'll be giving soon, here, in the Bay Area.
16.  For every single comment I receive.  It means more to me than you can ever know. I will reply to recent ones, soon.  Promise. Every single one, even those more than two weeks old.
17.  For an anticipated excellent night of sleep---after the workout I got today.

I will re-write this tomorrow.  See you then.

How About You?
What are your gratitudes for today?

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Syd said...

Reading this reminds me of how dominance is one of the three obstacles to success in Al-Anon. Good for you to make a suggestion afterwards.

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