Sunday, February 8

High Points: Being More Realistic, Slowing Down..... 2/8/15

Image: "England: Northamptonshire: Lakeside" by
Tim Blessed.  Copyrighted photo. Used by permission.
     Hi there. This is the time, before a new week starts, when posting of highs and lows for the past week hap-pens.  A survey of sorts. Care to join me?  I'd love hear-ing what went on with you last week.

1.  I paced myself during the week.  More rested, I am, because I did.  If not careful, I don't give myself enough time to eat, rest or take care of practical business.  I jam in too much to do in too small a space of time.

    I am being more realistic with my planning, providing me the ease and peace of mind I need to celebrate life.
2.  I checked into getting additional training.  I have to see about a few things before I commit. I enjoy
personal growth.  I want to be sure this opportunity is not as frustrating as the training I got in January and will have for two more months.
3.  I went to the movies last night and decompressed. The movie was A Most Dangerous Year.  It had an intensity without the degree of violence that is common in most movies. Not popular, but I liked it.
      I needed the break the flick provided.  I enjoyed the company I had too.  You don't know it, but I have a sense of humor when seeing a film. My imagination goes crazy. I say silly things to those I am seeing the movie with, to ease my anxiety during an intense scene.

        So far, no one has rapped me on the head, telling me to be quiet. Lucky.
4.  Rain.  Needed here, in California.  We have been too sunny of a state.  My orange tree in the front yard has been producing oranges November through February, it is still stuffed with them.
5.  Happy, I was, while doing a marital session.  They may reconcile, because of the work we have done, making me feel good, that I could serve both of their needs.  I haven't had to wear a referee shirt, yet.
6.  Someone disappointed me, big time.  I am processing the loss. The good thing is I am
admitting the damage it caused---its impact, with good, trusted, friends.  I am letting go of it, emotionally, too.  This will prevent emotional constipation known either as depression or resentment.
7.  I am living by priorities.  They keep my head on straight.  They help me to focus on the most important things I need to do in order to maintain the Great Big Life I enjoy.

    That's it for tonight.  I'll add my lows later.  For now, I have work to do, preparing for Monday.

How About You? 
What are your high and low points for this past week? 


Anonymous said...

Dear Innkeeper,

My heart melted as I gazed upon this beautiful lake in England... thank you! And... thank you for sharing your highs for this past week. Hear are three of mine.

1. I was uplifted by Gods words... inspired by joyful music and nurtured by caring friends... this Sunday at church.

2. I made a schedule for each of my children to do the washing-up a.k.a. doing the dishes. At first... everyone refused... a whole week went by. The dishes were piled high to the ceiling... I wanted to do them... It would be so easy... But I keep strong and not a dish did I wash! Then on the last day of the week a valiant brave child rolled-up his sleeves and got the job done.
That was a glorious moment... never to be forgotten in this proud mothers heart.

3.I began the process of improving my life by signing up for a class at my local community collage.

Jane G. Yorkshire

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Letting go of the loss is a good choice indeed, Pablo.

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