Tuesday, February 24

A Grateful Innkeeper

1.  My time getting training in Sebastopol tonight wasn't too bad.  Everyone else knows each other, have gone through these sessions, plenty of times.  Even though a newbie, I accounted well for myself.
2.  I made the trip, to and fro, safely.  I listened to a
radio story on the way home.  Great.
3.  I am incubating a letter within my mind.  Soon enough, I'll produce it and send it.  The results may provide me with the clarity I lack.  I certainly hope so.
4.  I get to sleep in tomorrow.  Ya ay!
5.  I appreciate having a strong sense of priorities.  It allows me to plow through distractions, that would take me off course.
6.  Met with a new client today.
7.  I can't wait to use a new system for recording sessions done on a dry erase board. That'll happen tomorrow.
8.  As complex and demanding my life is, I absolutely love it.  I would have no other.  Better, is the intimate, loving relationship I have with God and the good company I keep.
9.  I am learning not fight with lions, to accept reality for what it is, letting go of unrealistic expectations and laying back in God's arms, trusting He has the best planned out for me.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today?

          That's it for now.  I am exhausted.  I'll rework this tomorrow.

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