Saturday, February 14

Taking Care of Needs, Dealing With Disappointment 2/14/15

      This is the time when reviewing the high and low points for the last seven days happens.  It's a barometer, allowing me to know if I am on track with my vision for my life.

High Points
1.  I am resting more, achieving balance during my week. My days are intense by nature.  I need down time to decompress.  When I slow down, I am more effective, my mind is clearer. 
2.  Using priorities, setting a scheduled time for
tasks, and assigning time limits, helped get a lot done this week.  It is stimulating, accomplishing tasks that are in line with the overall vision for my life.  The more success I have, the greater my confidence. 
3.  My time in Sebas-topol was not as taxing as usual.  It was still draining, but better.  I was happy that I was not challenged in a negative way. 
4.  Luxuriating in time alone.  I am with people every day.  Quiet Time permits me to nurture myself and slow down the busyness of life.

   Creating time alone inspires me and helps me connect with the loving, gentle, supportive God I know. 

5.  Meeting with friends on Wednesday was a time for me.  I shared what is happening in my life.  I do not want to lose sight of myself, in the midst of all the service I do.  Being a martyr neither nurtures nor redeems.

      Referring to the red quote above, I needed connection, closeness.  I received plenty while with friends, I made sure of that.
6.  Have a new phone. The smart-phone I had was fantastic. This is even better, I needed more memory. It helps a lot----capturing dry erase board sessions with clients, scheduling, memos, keeping track of daily and weekly priorities.
7.  My most difficult client has not been a drain for the past two weeks.  Keeping my fingers crossed, hoping it will stay that way.

    If not, I'm grateful for non-violent com-munication.  It helps me express my needs and allows me to see hers, in spite of her judgments and negative behavior. 

Low Points: 
1.  Heavy days get me tired.  It is the emotional intensity related to the work I do. I want to counterbalance this using somatic therapy---discharging stress in a physical way, like number two below.
2.  I want to ride my bike more often and get out in the country.
3.  I wrote someone a month and a half ago.  Haven't heard from this person. I am disappointed, to say the least.

     I will write this person again, expressing how I feel about the lack of communication.

      That's it for now.  I am worn out.

How About You? 
What was the best and worst things that happened this past week?  I'd love hearing from you. 


Anonymous said...

Hello Dear Innkeeper,

I am tired and weary.

The worst thing that happened to me this past week...

I've been suffering the consequences of 'Perfectionism'. Which has manifested it's self in something I'll call 'Commentators'Block'.I'm like the' flea in the jar' the lid is off...and I don't jump out to freedom.I'm a prisoner of my unproductive passive past.This is sad because I have the tools of almost two years in a recovery program to help me.So, in stead of wallowing in self-pity, I'm turning to the pages of a workbook, written by Melody Beattie, called Codependent No More.

Jane G. Yorkshire

Thumper said...

Dear Pablo,

The best part of this week was meeting with a group of friends and being able to state my truth without judgement. I felt safe and supported. I was able to unload a secret I had been keeping. It felt good to get it out, a heavy load was lifted and I felt lighter. The following day was one of the strangest yet best days I have had in along time. I think it was a day that God was speaking to me, trying to get my attention! He sure worked in mysterious ways...

Superman said...

Dear Innkeeper,
Thank you for the quote on self-love. I will be meditating on this today.

Thank you,

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