Thursday, November 7

God Does the Work, All We Have to Do Is Ask, Revised 11/7/13

        I wrote this in July of 2011.  Many of you may not have read it, as most of you were not around, back then.  I updated it, along with the gratitudes.  Please let me know your response.

        Wishing you a great and grateful day, The Innkeeper


        I'm grateful that areas in our lives needing improvement get better when we turn them over to God.  Progress does not occur by working harder, or thinking positively, despite what the self-help books proclaim.  Sorry,
Oprah Winfrey, Robert Schuller, Tony Robbins and Norman Vincent Peale.  Our best efforts and thinking brought us to where we are.  Life improves when we rely on God's grace.  His transforming power, working in the vulnerable parts of our lives, is the source that allows us to transcend our weaknesses and struggles.

      I'm mindful that there's no humility in self-will.  How often we say, "I'll do this and I'll do that," without considering what God wants to do in our lives---His will.  Easing God Out is a good way to consider ego.  It's always better having His assistance.  The following passage expands on this:
Humility is misunderstood.  It is not weakness; it is strength.  It does not mean submission, resignation or compliance; all  these imply having reservations.  In humility, is total willingness, it is grateful acceptance.  It's embracing God's help because we are convinced that, without it, we cannot achieve our goals.
Humility is honesty and depth of vision. It is a realistic assessment of ourselves and our part in the scheme of things.  It places us in an accurate relationship with God.  Before all else, we stop controlling people and happenings in life.  Ego gives way to the Power in charge. The more we accept this fact, the more we grow in the belief that there are other avenues open to us.  We are no longer alone, no longer helpless, we can change, all we have to do is ask.....
As our dependence on God grows, we begin overcoming the habit of relying only on ourselves.  To rid ourselves of unwanted shortcomings, we learn to rely on assistance from our spiritual Partner.
      The challenge facing us today is the siren call of busyness.  Being harried is a primary characteristic of today's society.  Multiple demands confront us.  Few are needful.  Making time----Quiet Time---exercising spiritual disciplines, connecting with God, is critical for mental, spiritual, physical and emotional health.  The quality of our lives will improve.  Our brains and spirit will be able to breathe, gaining greater perspective.   We'll have an Attitude of Gratitude.  Serenity and sanity will no longer be just words but reality.
My Gratitudes:
1. I had a terrific time at work.  So good, that I'm exhausted.
2. I had dinner with friends. It's invigorating, checking in with my community.  Sharing downtime with others invigorates me.  It helps, getting in a few laughs.
3. I look forward to getting a good night's rest.
4. I love being spiritually challenged.  I've been spending time listening to what God is saying through  the circumstances of my life.  I thankful for the peace I enjoy when I don't resist the waves of life's challenges but surf them, instead.  I've found it pays off, when I keep an open mind.

How About You? 
How do you embrace your relationship with your Higher Power---God---as you know Him?  Please let me hear from you.  It's always terrific taking in other points of view.


Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

Wow, am I spaced out this week? Yet again, a day late and a shekel-short, sharing my Thursday Gratitudes! My daily life of late has been a bit overwhelming! More on that shortly...

How do I embrace my relationship with God? Still learning, daily...By trying daily to improve my conscious contact with Him via Prayer (sharing-reporting) and meditation (listening); seeking to better understand His desire for my life and the energy to carry that out.

On this chilly Friday night, I am grateful..

1. For my mentor's thoughtful and touching surprise birthday card, restaurant ice cream with birthday candle, and wait-staff serenade at on Wednesday night!

2. For the opportunity to share on Step 11 (and Tradition 11 tonight) on Wednesday night; to bring a bit of levity and heart, and to hear many a rich personal story in return.

3. A millstone removed...relief today from both the grace and some stern justice meted out to our 3rd oldest son by a Small Claims Court Judge in SF ( a 2+ hour process...)

Loredana Donovan said...

Thank you for this post, Pablo, and for your nice comment on my blog. Have a wonderful weekend :)

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,

Your posts are always welcomed, whenever you share them with us. Sounds like you are quoting Paths to Recovery, I recall reading those words.

I believe the visitors of this inn would agree, you are a blessing, in addition to being a regular companion for this innkeeper. This place would be lonelier without your frequent visits and words of encouragement. So, I'm glad God brought you into this world several decades ago.

How does it feel to serve as a speaker? Does it lift your spirits, that you are expressing your voice and being valued?

How are you taking care of yourself, considering all the hubbub you encounter with two of your adult sons? The innkeeper is curious, if you don't mind sharing.

Pablo said...

Dear Loredana,

It's great having you back! I love your gift for poetry and your artistic eye. I can't help but comment, when at your place. I enjoy the beauty and grace your add to the world with your creativity and sensitivities.

Benedizioni a voi e la vostra,


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