Sunday, November 17

A Big Week

     This week will be great.  I'm thankful for that.  Saturday, I'm speaking at an event in San Leandro.  Can't wait.  I'll need to
rearrange my schedule this week to prepare for the occasion. There are lots of incidentals involved when I speak---flyers, brochures, printing items, etc. Plus, even though my outline is prepared, I'll still fine tune it until Friday.

        My inspiration for this approach to a task is Leonardo DaVinci.  There was a painting he worked on his entire life, carrying it with him, working on it whenever he had the time.  The painting?  It was something he did on a wood panel.  We know it as the "Mona Lisa."  No, my work is not of the same caliber.  But I figure, if a genius like DaVinci felt the need to continually work on a project, it's okay if  I feel the same way when prepping for a speech. I'll work away on it until the day arrives when I'm before the audience.

       This past week has been special for me, in many ways, mostly good.  I capped this week adding to two more to my clientele and firing one.  One comment I say to those I work with: "Your desire to get healthier has to be stronger than my desire to help you."  Such was not the case with the client who is no longer mine.  I was not interested in this person wasting his money and him, my time.

       I appreciate closure.  I appreciate respecting myself and maintaining dignity.

My Highs for the Past Week
1.  I've enjoyed the best correspondence I have, in years, this past week.
2.  I've done plenty of creative writing.  I'm happy with the results. I haven't shared it here.  It's personal.
3.  I like connecting with people who make me feel invigorated after I've been with them.
4.  I love being clear about who I am. I'm happy that I can express to others what I'd like and having the sensitivity to be attentive to the needs of those who are a part of my personal community.
5.  I'm thankful that I don't let others determine my self-worth and for the emotional constancy that fills up my love bank. When I'm filled with the love of those dear to me, including God, I am like an army tank. I can burst through the walls of those who at one time would have intimidated me, fearlessly.
6.  Every day this past week and for the whole month, there have been more than a thousand views to this inn. Thank you, for dropping by. I'd love hearing from you.
7.  I'm comfortable in my own skin.  I love the support I get from the Safe People in my life, my Balcony People.
8.  I enjoy being propelled forward, I like the constant growth I experience, because of the work and public speaking I do.  I love the smiles I see from those I encounter each day.
9.   I am not the same innkeeper you knew even last week, certainly the month or months before. It's exciting living life more deeply and cleanly---emotionally and mentally----and to enjoy the nuggets of joy each day provides.
10. I'm thankful for spending the night, last night, with my oldest son. We ate, played pool for hours, had hot chocolate and talked plenty, until 11:30 p.m.. I'm thankful for his wisdom and the kindnesses he shows me.  I still hope I can become like him, when I grow up.

My Lows
1.  It never ideal to end a relationship with a client. But, enough is enough.
2.  My sleeping has been affected. I'd like more regular sleep.
3.  I haven't seen my younger sons in awhile.  I'm seeing what I can do to remedy that.
4.  If I am not careful, my busy work schedule could prevent me from having "me time." I need it, or I'll die, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
5.  I wish some people lived closer. And I wish others lived further away.

     My last comment reminds me of the story of a man who went to see a therapist.  The fellow was not getting along too well with the missus.  The therapist said, "Why don't you try running 10 miles a day for the next week. I think it will help you with your stress."

      A week later the client calls the therapist, saying he can't make the appointment. The therapist inquires about his progress. "Are you less stressed?" he asks.

      The client says, "Man, I feel so much better. You are right, running ten miles a day works!"
       "So, how's you relationship with your wife?" The counselor asks.

        "I don't know, I'm seventy miles away from home."

How About You? 
What were you highs and lows for the past week? 


Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

My highs for this past week were a four-day, 860 mile (r/t) road trip with my wife (stayed one night each in three separate locations...) to visit family and friends in Santa Barbara, Claremont, and the Los Feliz/McLaughlin Park neighborhood, near Griffith Park in LA.

My lows were dealing with disappointing behaviors of two of our sons.

This Tuesday evening I am grateful for.

1. Finally seeing the lovely town of Santa Barbara, driving to the end of the pier, and basking in the back-drop shadow of her majestic mountains.

2. A wonderful visit with my cousin and his wife in the pristine, picture-book-pretty, college town of Claremont; the home of "Lot's of Trees & PhD's!"

3. Catching up with our friends in LA; one a cancer-surviving Polish expat (former Univision marketing executive) and her Indian PhD, professor husband. Her new Nespresso machine was a delightful surprise to boot!

4. Being tricked into what became a most robust 3 mile hike up (and down) the Griffith Park, L.A. trail to the towering Observatory above, yesterday morning, before our long, I-5 drive home.

5. Home sweet home; sleeping in our own bed.

6. With Monday off, a shorter-than-usual work week!

7. Some cool, new-to-me work/dress shirts from "Our Nordstrom's," (the thrift store).

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,

Such restraint. You don't say a word about the nature of your disappointment with said sons.

Your trip certainly was diverse, that's for sure. Glad you made it back in one piece. Thanks for your gratitudes. There's no question who's going to win the Attitude of Gratitude Award for the year.

Thank you, for your consistency in sharing what makes your heart sing!

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

Thank you! I look forward to the awards banquet celebration, over a waffle or two!


C. Wingman

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,

That sounds like a tasty idea. I think we can "make it so," as Capt. Picard would say.

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