Wednesday, November 20

Enjoying Life, Even When Busy

The Fremont hills, where I grew up. 
     The pace of my life has picked up.  I'm seeing more clients, spending time with admin-istrative work and now, preparing for my talk on Satur-day, "Thriving While Suffering Loss."  Times like these require taking care of self by
getting plenty of sleep, eating well, and spending time with good friends who are safe (Balcony People).

     I'm turning in, after posting this. I've been waking at an early hour----like 4:00 a.m.  My outline for my talk has been ready since last Friday, at 11:00 p.m.  Still, part of the fun of giving a talk is seeing my outline evolve as the event draws near, as I assiduously tend to it as it speaks----and may I say?---torments me, too.

      Yes, this talk and I have a love/hate relationship.  At the moment, it's a five page single-spaced typed outline, which is typical, with eight major points. When I speak, most listeners don't realize I use an outline. It's old hat giving a talk, but at times the hat tightens around my brain, making me feel stumped and at other times grows too loose, covering my eyes, making it hard for me to see clearly.

       Please wish me luck, and a prayer or two wouldn't hurt, either.

My Gratitudes for Today:
1.  It's been busy here at the inn. We've had more than 21,000 views this month, more than 1,100 a day for each day this month.  It looks like we'll go over 31,000 this month.  I'm getting tuckered out, placing little chocolates on everyone's pillow.
2.  Guests have been rifling through the archives, causing things written years ago to spike upwards along the three separate sidebars to your right.  I'm glad what I've shared is benefiting others.
3.  I rested this evening. It's part of my preparation for Saturday and maintaining balance.
4.  I still have fond memories for the evening spent with a son last Saturday.  We ate dinner, played eight games of pool, went to Panera afterwards, talked some more and enjoyed time together.  I marvel at his wisdom and maturity, especially when it comes to practical matters.  I'm privileged having such a caring, intelligent son, who also has a sense of humor.
5.  I've been gentle with myself.  My mind could overwhelm me, telling me I have plenty to do. But common sense born from personal growth tells me to pace myself, including rest as part of my routine.
6.  No two days are the same.  I love the variety each day brings. I'm thankful for the opportunity to share with others the results of my studies and training. I value the intimacy and vulnerability shared and the positive direction found in each relationship I have.
7.  I've been spending some down time, working on the inndex for this place, and my private index for this inn. The order and work involved relaxes me. Soon, the inndex tab above will be enhanced, big time.
8.  I love the amazing conversations I have with everyone. How great is that?  I get paid to have terrific conversations with wonderful people.
9.  A miracle happened a couple of days ago. A post other than something written in 2011 hit the All-time Favorite Post sidebar. The interesting thing is that it was something written just two months ago.

     It's about how I dealt with an angry, confrontational person, "Dodging a Raging Bull." It's clear it meets the need of many.  The at-length quotations in that post are among the most powerful ever written, never shared in this inn before.  They guide me, making me who I am.  So, I understand it's popularity.

     Nothing written in all of 2012 has punctured that all-time Hall of Fame sidebar.  And they have had nearly two years to do so.  Yet, that post has.  Wow.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today? 


Vanessa Higgins said...

I had lunch with a mentor that blew my mind. All these years I've been scurrying away at work and my influence is finally coming to the surface. Wow!!

Not feeling suicidal and wanting the world to end was a n ice treat.

Meeting my new mentoring world of life coaches. Here begins a new journey.

Being able to say thank you to friends who carried me through the sludge of depression. THANK YOU!!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

it's really neat how older posts continue to be read. to me, it means that those posts are continuing to touch lives Pablo.

My three gratitude for today are:

1. Excitement about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday that I will spend with my family

2. A warm and safe home

3. Cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies :)

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

On this Thursday morning,(and the day is young here in my Japanese Seafood Office desk...) my early gratitudes are;

1. I could accept and digest constructive criticism with grace early this morning on the loading dock, from a far younger, and less experienced superior.

2. I could ask for what I needed, and have that need met from a younger colleague; a legitimate and much-needed favor he was at first reluctant to do, but thought otherwise of and agreed to do, to his credit!

3. The spirit of forgiveness toward another who is ill; not himself, and needs the grace of loving forgiveness to heal.

4. That my wife and I can unexpectedly host a birthday pot-luck dinner in our home tonight for one of our most elder church leaders, with her husband and some dear friends.

5. That we have received much-needed rain these past few days, with the hope of it clearing today, with our bright, winter sun streaming through again.

6. The chance to see some remaining, sun-bathed, red, brown, and auburn colored grape leaves still hanging on those Sonoma and Napa Valley vines.

7. That I could spontaneously break into... "Jose can you see, by the dawns early light..." to our tuna room man (Jose) this morning, while presenting him with a late, additional order tag! The lunch/break room (including Jose) erupted with robust laughter, which inspired him to take care of it for me!

Pablo said...

Dear Vanessa,

You have me intrigued. How has has the impact of your work surfaced? I'm glad you're feeling better.

Do you now have a life coach, is that what I'm hearing? It's great hearing from you. I'm happy you are in a better place, not weighed down.

This place is better when you drop by. Thank you!

Pablo said...


What would I do without your constant encouragement. Thank you! I like Hallmark Christmas movies, too. (And Little House on the Prairie episodes, too.)

It means a lot to me, when you share your gratitudes. I appreciate them. Thank you for dropping by and making this place brighter.

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,

I'm impressed. Most would not think of it as a gratitude, being corrected by someone. You must feel good that you made a request and that person responded. If you had said nothing, that would not have happened. You probably are encouraged, seeing the value in expressing yourself.

May you have a warm, caring celebration tonight. Thank you, for dropping by and sharing your gratitudes!

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