Tuesday, November 12

Celebrating Life and True Friends 11/12/13

A good friend is hard to find, hard
to lose and impossible to forget."
Image: "England: Norhamptonshire-Harvest Path" 
by Tim Blessed. Copyrighted photo. Used by permission
      Has it been fun.  I'm serious.  (I don't use sarcasm.)  My heart is singing, it has been filled with
love by many.  I've been  dealing with someone who is less than kind and I'm not fazed, at all.  It's great not allowing others to trigger us.  It's easier being this way when our "love bank" is full.  Mine is.

       Life is good.  I'm working steadily.  Yesterday, I worked eleven-and-a-half hours.  Lately---almost each day---people are calling, seeking my services. They have been referred to see me. Today, I could not find my phone. That was wonderful.  Ah, serenity, thy name is Freedom from Technology.

        Saturday, I went to the original Fairmont Hotel, in San Francisco.  I listened to piano music with friends, as we celebrated someone's birthday.  I was happy for her, she even bought a new pair of shoes for the occasion.

      The days have been such a blur that I thought today was Wednesday.  Hey, the way I see it,  I've gained a day in time.   Best event today: receiving an uplifting, encouraging letter, from someone dear to me.  My day was made.

        In my missive to this person, I made requests.  In today's mail I was told they were welcomed and will be honored.  I'm thankful and humbled as our friendship is growing in many healthy ways. The best part is that our communication is excellent, we enjoy one another's company and we're respectful with each other.

        Bonding with others who accept me as I am, with no threat of rejection certainly heals and strengthens my soul.

        A week from Saturday I am the speaker at a public event, something I love doing. It's my third time at this event in 18 months.  I'm back by popular demand.  My topic will be "Thriving While Suffering Loss."

       I'm preparing my talk, a welcome change from normal duties.  I've been rising at 4:00 a.m., the past few weeks, doing work in the early hours, primarily writing notes about sessions had with clients.  I'm writing this post earlier than normal.  I crashing tonight, trying to get 8 hours sleep.

My Gratitudes for Tonight: 
1.  I love serving others.
2.  I'm happy I'm making my life count.
The pannier I use
3.  Today, I got my third new pannier since May of this year.  It's a saddlebag for my bicycle.  I use it to carry the 34 pounds of books I use for work.  Three times, the weight-carrying seams of one of the side bags have burst. The bicycle shop has given me free replacements.  Wow.  Especially since the bag costs $135.00.
4.  We've had a thousand views per day, each day, this month. I'm glad many are returning and are finding solace here.
5.  There was a close and caring time of thoughtful discussion, while taking in the beauty of the Fairmont Hotel, Saturday.  The piano music was okay.  I say okay because Eric Shifrin no longer works there.  The new guy is no Eric Shifrin.  Eric, commands the piano. This guy didn't.
6.  I worked on my upcoming talk at a cafe this evening. Someone working there was intrigued and I shared with them what I'll say in ten days. I was happy with his response. He wants to attend the event.
7.  While pounding away on my laptop at said cafe, at table sixty-three---my reserved spot---the owner's son brought me food, free. He thought I might be hungry.  We have great conversations.  He's Greek and I love classical Greek, history and language.

       Alex's sensitivity was a terrific bookend to a wonderful day: this morning, receiving a heart-warming letter, tonight, an unexpected meal. How could I not have an Attitude of Gratitude?

Okay, How About You? 
What are your gratitudes? I ask for at least three. I'd love hearing yours!


Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

They should have learned by now to make your pannier out of carbon fiber, or kevlar! Maybe next time...

And...Wow, what a coincidence! A dear friend and mentor rang me today, and he too was already into Wednesday space; one day early! Happens to me too, from time to time, and I'm always grateful when I realize "I've just recovered a lost day!"

On this crisp, chilly, winter's eve, I am grateful for...

1. Time with my wife during the workday this morning to shuttle her and her "arm in a cast" to Kaiser for a checkup.

2. Being able to use some of this time to exchange a pair of too-tight shoes, for a new, comfortable pair.

3. A productive, noontime series of sales calls in SF with a young colleague/trainee.

4. A festive, too-large, alfresco, Mexican lunch at Los Pericos with she and another colleague, at our work-day's end.

5. Being able to go into quiet reflection (not react) after trying to referee a meeting-that-went-south this evening with me, my wife and #3 son. A complex Catch 22 situation for me, when both are right and an immediate/easy win-win is not apparent. When two speak their truth with heart and sincerity, and yet it seems to wound one party because they can't let go of control, are too, codependent; externally referented, and therefore defensively sensitive to constructive criticism, the ref had his hands full!

6. Once out of the ring, after some smelling salts, and following a restorative nap, grateful for time to chat/catch up with our youngest son (refreshingly non-toxic...), run a brief logistics meeting with he, two brothers and a friend down in the "man cave," and review, via a tour, his construction progress with his backyard sound studio.

7. Grateful I will get (hopefully) five hours of sleep tonight, and be able to "melt away the work day" at the gym tomorrow afternoon.

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

On this Thursday night, I am grateful for...

1. A fitting 11/14 daily reading in Courage to Change on removing my defects and gratitude;

"The more I give thanks for my life as it is, the more I can accept the healing that allows me to change and grow. By recognizing and cultivating my abilities, I am increasingly willing to let go of my defects. This takes patience, but as I see my life opening up before me in new directions, I do finally become ready to have God remove all my defects of character."

Progress not Perfection is a thoughtful slogan that applies here...

2. A delightfully long, road-trip chat with my dear friend and mentor, discussing love; eternal soul-mates, ancient poetry, taming emotional vampires, and the power of prayer to guide and heal.

3. My "roving fish-monger" travels through fog-shrouded Napa and Sonoma Valley's and a memorable late-lunch, Five Dot Ranch, Reuben Sandwich at Oxbow Market in Napa. Exploring new markets; dining venues is good for the soul (and tummy!)

4. The restorative power of a late afternoon nap.

5. Oscar Hammerstein II's enormous legacy and contribution to stage and film with his brilliant South Pacific, The Sound of Music, The King and I, State Fair, Oklahoma, and on...He lived a life full of gratitude as the original "cockeyed optimist!"

6. Our upcoming road-trip this weekend to Santa Barbara, Claremont and Los Angeles to visit with family and friends.

7. That our sons steam cleaned out upstairs and downstairs house full of area rugs the other day; a pre-Thanksgiving household refresher.

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,

You're right, the pannier I use for my bike definitely needs to be reinforced. I like how you find nuggets of thankfulness in places that we can easily overlook. I appreciate your consistency in sharing them here, that we may drink from your positivity during your trip.

Regarding your second set of gratitudes, I enjoyed the quote shared. Timely. Also, I, too, soaked in the rest I needed by taking a three hour nap, late last night.

Wishing you a time filled with intimacy, fun and loving conversation with your good friends and wife, during your trip.

David F said...

3 things I'm grateful for today.

1. Inspired that my wife is feeling happier, as now she is sitting together with me in my home office, making it OUR home office; as opposed to her sitting in our bedroom. This happened as a result of being realistic about our situation living with her parents and deciding to take charge of what we can, rather than focusing on what is disatisfying about our current living situation.

2. Although I spent $70 on an oil change, paying my friend who did it at his home was worth it, as I got to spend time with this uncle-type person who makes me feel appreciated and valued. His wife also surprised me with a dinner that looked and tasted like a dish served at a 5 star restaurant! In the process, I realised that I can also help this couple with practical, technological matters, that will improve their lives... yes, I feel valued if I can be of help to others.

3. Got to spend some time with a younger friend and offered him an instrument I wasn't using, which he seemed to enjoy the moment I put it in his hands.

These are probably the 3 things I'm most grateful for, amongst the long list of things that have come to mind while responding to this post.
If I could say 1 more thing I'm grateful for; it's writing about what I'm grateful for and realising how much happier I feel in the process. Thank You, Innkeeper!

Pablo said...

Dear David,

Glad to have you back. You must feel good, that you took steps to take care of your need for space and fairness.

Your time with your mechanic/friend appears to a win-win situation. I see you are generous, too. Cor blimey. That was ace of you, giving away an instrument. What type was it?

That's the spirit, David. I'm chuffed. That was ace of you to post your gratitudes. It sounds like you are almost brassed off with negativity and did something about it. It surprises me how many people are gormless about the value of positivity and it's value on our mental and emotional health.

I'm glad you bung in one more gratitude and Bob's your uncle. lol

(For my American compatriots, I'm using British slang. David grew up in England. Did I get these phrases right? I hope so.)

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