Thursday, October 9

Slowing Down... 10/9/14

         I will not sacrifice physical or mental health in order to write something tonight.  I am too exhausted to write an in-depth post.  Today---for twelve hours---work consumed all of me.  So, this post is about not writing one.  Tomorrow, I may have the time and energy.  Not  writing reveals
my recovery, I am maintaining balance, taking care of myself.  But, I will leave my gratitudes.

Gratitudes for Thursday: 
1. Today was a day that poured sunshine into my soul.   It was a day of work, plying my trade in two cities: Alameda and San Leandro.
2.  My baseball team, the San Francisco Giants has been phenomenal.  In the playoffs, against all odds they scratch out wins. They were not highly touted.  No one would have betted upon the success they have achieved the past two weeks.
3.  I am true to my values.  A gnat that I mentioned a couple of months ago is whining again in the ear of my consciousness.  I will swat this pesky, persistent problem soon.  He is in for a big surprise.
4.  I saw a great movie with a friend last week: The Equalizer. We both saw it for free, along with free soda and a big bag of popcorn.  A deal that can't be beat.
5.  For writing. It clarifies my thinking, discharges frustrations, and connects me with twenty thousand people a month, from all over the world.  Not bad.
6.  I was with great friends Wednesday night.  I love the honesty and deep affection shared with each other.
7.  I am resting tonight, going to bed after posting this. Can't wait.

          See you tomorrow,


Thumper said...

It it so good that you are taking care of yourself! This is a reminder for me to do the same.

Pablo said...

Dear Thumper,

Taking care of myself means slowing down, seizing the moment. It is enjoying life, investing in my happiness.

I appreciate your visits. What are ways you take care of yourself?

The Innkeeper

Thumper said...


I am learning to respond right away when I find myself in H.A.L.T. Taking care of my needs is an important part of my recovery.

Pablo said...


You are the only person on earth who can make your welfare your number one priority. I am happy hearing that you are alert to your needs and investing in your personal strength by tending to them.

Have a great Sunday!

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