Wednesday, October 15

Lessons Learned From Those Who Succeed ...... 10/15/14

       I slowed down my day.  Others wanted my services but I stayed true to taking care of me.  Besides, yesterday depleted my reserves.  I don't need to wear myself to the bone, to prove to myself how hard I work.

     Today was great.  I made time, catching the latest
playoff game involving the San Francisco Giants baseball team.  I am glad I did.  It ended and bodes well for them.

     They need win only one of the last three games to make it to the World Series.  The other guys need to win the remaining three. (It's a best of seven series.)  I know for many of you, from parts other than the United States,  or others not interested in sports, my enthusiasm is not matched by yours. That's okay.  Really.

      However, there's much to learn from following this group of men who chase a small ball and smack it around with a bat, as well as catching it.  For example:

1.  Teamwork surpasses talent.  The Giants are winning magically. The other teams have had greater success at hitting the ball further and more often.  Even so, my team beats them because they work together, as a unit, truly pulling for each other.
2.  Discipline counts. When the stress is greatest, the Giants keep their cool.  Good idea.  Their opponents, including tonight, made bone-head decisions, costing the game.  The cause: making poor choices when under pressure.

     We want to respond, not react, as I share here many a time.  The Giants have won the whole thing, including the World Series, twice in the past four years. They are on the verge of playing in that arena again, and possibly winning the championship for the third time, this season, in five years.   Experience and staying focused counts.

3.  The players on this team care for one another.  One fellow, Tim Hudson, thirty-nine, has played for 15 years as a professional baseball player. He never has got far in the playoffs as he has now, playing for the Giants.  What is the feeling fellow pitcher Ryan Vogelsong has about Tim's plight?   "I want us to win for Huddy. He has never been to the World Series,"  he says.

      Wow.  It's not about vaunting self.  How refreshing.

4.  The coach of this team, Bruce Bochy is a renowned maestro.  He:
a. Orchestrates team members impec-cably.
b. The players trust his instincts, he establishes good will.
c.  What he does, works.  He shows how it is done, but humbly, with a sense of humor.
d. He draws out the best in others, he develops them.  To the point this team succeeds again and again, even when decimated by injuries.  This is leadership.
e.  A person who guides, does so for the benefit of those they serve.  Those served see it and feel it.

       Bruce is a marvelous example of serving others.  And did I say he is humble?  In the work he does, he encourages those under his charge.  He responds.  He does not react to the tensions and misfortunes that turn up.

       This coach doesn't use the five forms of life alienating communication: blame, shame, guilt, fear or judgment when working with others.  And for all of these qualities he will become a Hall of Fame coach.  Mark my words.  There is no doubt about it.

      Mr. Bochy believes people are better led by a carrot than by a stick.  I agree.  My joy is helping others become who they want to be, moving beyond traumatic moments of the past.  A visionary, I am.  My clients priorities are not around what they are doing now.  I help clients arrange their priorities around where they want to be.

     I am tired, I have to get up early.  This is my best for today and it is good enough.  I'll see you tomorrow.      


Anonymous said...

Hello...I'm one of your readers from 'parts other than the United States'...and um...yes I have zero interest' in American sports!I can't help it...I'm British!!! However,your post did remind me that way back when I was a wee lass I was proud of our local football team, Leeds United.Year after year they were at the top of the First Division for twelve golden years.That's about all of my youth.It was a glorious time for the team and fans!I think that their coach a chap called Don Revie had many of the qualities that you describe the San Francisco Giants coach Bruce Bochy has today. Well,well...even though I thought I didn't have any interest in sports I found your post to be quite inspiring!

Jane G. Yorkshire

Pablo said...

Dear Jane,
Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you found something in this post that you could relate with.

Wishing you a great weekend! I appreciate you dropping by, sharing your thoughts. I enjoy your visits.

The Innkeeper

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