Saturday, October 11

The Innkeeper Is Inspired.......... 10/11/14

     I just arrived home after going out this evening, with friends, taking in a good movie, The Judge with a favorite actor of mine, Robert Duvall and Robert Downey Jr., both gifted per-formers.  You prob-ably don't know that Mr. Duvall is a descendant of Robert E. Lee, an expert horseman and a talented Tango dancer.

Assisted a Deserving Person
      I recently wrote a resume for the assistant general manager of a twenty-five screen movie house in Union City.  Part of the deal was I get to
watch films for free, for the next year.  And get soda, a big bag of popcorn for free and bring a friend.  Pretty good, eh?

      He just graduated from college, moving on to become an electrical engineer.  He was excited with what I put together, using wordsmithing and a global perspective---synthesizing all he's done---while presenting his skills and experience in a vibrant, professional way.  It was a pleasure helping him.  He's a considerate, hard-working, intelligent young man, good friends with my oldest son.  I have known him for more than fifteen years.

Enjoying Community
      Thank you, Thumper, Superman, Jane Yorkshire, Dina, Cool Breeze (you have my curiosity---no clue who you are), Bavarian Girl and Anonymous who connect with me, here, at the inn, with comments and insights.  You inspired me this post at this time, at the end of the week, when I am exhausted and planned on going to bed right away.

A Request From the Innkeeper
       I would love hearing from more of you, especially you from countries other than the United States.  For all who comment, I reply.

Gratitudes for Friday: 
1.  I will sleep well tonight, taking steps that will ensure that outcome. No, I did not drink anything alcoholic. :->
2.  I have a cat that totally loves me.  Comes each time I call her.  She loves the attention doted upon her.
3. I look forward to watching the Giants playing for the opportunity to go to the World Series for the third time in five years, tomorrow.
4.  I am glad that several many clients are working on having truth in their relationships---especially their significant other.  I am proud they realize it is best not trying to impress.  Rather, they are exercising the courage to be genuine and vulnerable with others.

    They are learning how to be discerning. They cannot having this type of vulnerability with just anyone.
5.  I am happy I am getting greater clarity about my life and its direction.
6.  I am thrilled I have enough material for three books and am working with editors to make this a reality-----soon.
7.  I love the helpfulness that a dry-erase board provides when having sessions with clients. They love it, too.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today? 

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