Wednesday, October 22

Slowing Down, Part II ........................ 10/22/14

Picture taken on my way home from Las Vegas, in August.  Big Sur. 
       How are you?  Tonight's post is short.  My team, the San Francisco Giants won the first game in the World Series, the champ-ionship contest for major league base-ball.  I was with friends, taking in the game, enjoying time away from
what I often do.  Work.

        As a people watcher, I had plenty of opportunities this evening. Time at a sports bar/restaurant, The Englander, I spent, hearing dialogue good enough for a book or movie.  One guy sitting behind me insulted the young lady I imagined he was dating for the first time.  He tossed interview-type questions at this bleached blond Asian woman sitting to his right.

       She was fit---in her twenties.  Her date guessed she could be fifty.  "Really?" she harrumphed, giving him a wearied look, even though the evening was still young.

       I saw this fellow, earlier, in the bathroom. I wondered why he rushed out after taking care of business, as if he was catching a plane.  I would not eat with him.  She did.  His hands he didn't wash in the room we shared.

       Tonight, spent time with "Bob".  My friends and I shared a table with him.  Before the game, he had worked in Campbell, near where I lived, in my twenties.  Soon enough, he opened up about an abusive step-father he had, while a child.  He didn't know the work I do.  Strangers confide in me, all the time. Somehow, they sense they can.

My Gratitudes:
1.  Sleep. It beckons me. I will yield to it after posting this.  My mind is operates better, when I have decent rest.  It rejuvenates me.
2.  I will spend time with family Friday. I like the closeness we share and support I get, when with them.
3.  I made time for me, today. I am glad that I make sure that I get nurtured.
4.  Saw another excellent movie: Fury. I was inspired by the story it told.

How About You? 
What are your gratitudes for today? 

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