Wednesday, November 25

The Central Day of This Inn Is Approaching 11/25/15

        Good evening everyone.  Many suffer from worry. Multitudes en-dure the crippling power of depres-sion.  Frustration and self-loathing is the plight of many.  An Atti-tude of Gratitude counteracts these ills. Tomorrow is the central day of this inn.  May this Thanksgiving Day be your best ever.
     Cherishing loved ones, counting our blessings are

     Thankfulness is not circumstances related.  Gratitude relies upon how we respond to them.  Whether what we face is good or terrible.  Hug loved ones.  Little in life is as important and family.

    A life filled with friends is joy. Thankfulness is a skill.   It is a developed discipline.  I suffered as a boy.  I knew tragedy as an young adult. I've moved beyond my sorrow because I stay present, enjoying the good that is mine, now.

     Seeds of gratitude can be planted.  They are watered within our soul when we focus on what is lovely.  When we dwell upon whatever is excellent we culti-vate a spirit of thanks. We sprout a happier outlook. We rid ourselves from the weeds of negativity that choked our hearts and minds.

        We become happier,  We draw healthier people in our lives.  Life flourishes with hope.  My wish is that during this holiday season a heart of thanksgiving will not limited to tomorrow. That each of us experience a heart filled with increasing optimism.

       For those in America, here's hoping you will have bounteous tables. I wish a good time had by everyone.  For those missing a loved one this year, may your good memories sustain you.  May the memory of this loved one fill the emptiness. 

       I drew a pilgrim while in elementary school, probably the 6th grade. At the time I had little knowledge of gratitude. I wasn't sure whether I had anything to be grateful for.  Other than the latest toy or a new book.

            As the years pass I have matured, the realization of all I should be grateful for sunk in:  

       My family, all generations. My home. Thankfulness  for my talents. Joy for opportunities to grow. Humbleness for abundance. Gratefulness for friends (on-line as well as real-time).  Gratitude for mentors.  Appreciation for animals I cared for and loved.  Delight in the beauty of our planet. For my daily bread, thanks.  For my lot after when this life is over.

       Take time, this Thanksgiving. Reflect on those whom you are thankful for.  Tell them.  Tell your Maker also.  Tomorrow may be too late.           
       Wishing you a terrific Thanksgiving Day,


Thumper said...

Hi Pablo,

Here are some of my gratitudes:

1. I am grateful for my supportive and loving husband and kids!
2. I am grateful for the ability to be available to those I love.
3. I am grateful for the extremely generous thank you gift I was given recently!
4. I am grateful for the new path that is being set before me.
5. I am grateful for loving, kind and supportive friends that feed my soul.

Pablo said...

Dear Thumper,

I'm glad I caught your comment! You are a fortunate woman. Blessed. Many would want to be in your place. How are you available to those you love? You have my curiosity.

What is the new path you have discovered? How do your friends feed your soul?

I appreciate you dropping by. Your visit more than fulfilled my vision for this inn of thankfulness. I ask for guests of this inn to leave three gratitudes when they drop by. You left five!

Wishing you the best year in your life,


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