Sunday, November 15

Having Fun, Fighting Dragons 11/15/15

         Saturday, I fought a dragon.

         On the streets of Old Sacramento.  With a sword.  I wore armor. Including a helmet.  A late night audience of those visiting this touristy part of town were
mesmerized by the battle that took place.  Several times.  The dragon even bit my neck.

        My duties that evening were pro-tecting the queen. I was her bodyguard.  The day ended well. Passersby gave hon-or to her majesty. Criers greeted those we met with loud pronouncements of, "Make way for the queen!"

      We strolled the wooden sidewalks of this ancient part of the state capitol. The crisp air chilled those attending.  Beneath my breastplate and robe my orange sweater kept me warm, along with the battles I fought with the dragon.  Yards away from us was the Sacramento River.

        Always settle for more. That's what happened Saturday night.  Those about town were drawn to the following that gathered near our queen.  In our parade was a jester, crooner, a clown and damsel in distress wearing a tutu.  The queen commanded attention.  As did I, with dragon in tow.

        A crowd wearing funny hats walked behind us as we journeyed through town.  Joy and laughter enveloped us as we made our way this chilly evening.

       Never settle for less. The queen's retinue didn't.  We each gave our all.  An evening filled with cheer and merriment resulted.

       May you have a great and grateful Monday!

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Thumper said...


It sounds like you had a wonderful experience on Saturday! I am happy to hear that you were able to slay a dragon and had fun at the same time!!

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