Wednesday, November 25

Being Stretched 11/25/15

       Busy day.

       Saw clients Tuesday morning.  Traveled to Sacramento afterwards.  I'm on overdrive, going beyond my comfort level.  Not my style.  My schedule is stretched. Woke this morning at 5:55 a.m.for an appointment after
going to bed at 1:00 a.m. 

        I am checking in because I haven't been around.  Have you missed me? 

1.  Spent time with someone who maintained his integrity.  He responded to disappointment I expressed last week. Today, he was considerate. He met my need for honesty and authenticity.  This would not have happened if I did not express my feelings and wants this person, firmly, but kindly.

      We get what we tolerate. We train people how to treat us. I don't shrink, when there's conflict. I am assertively honest.  Aggressive honesty is when we are open about our feelings and don't show respect to another. Assertive honest is when we do.

2.  Had a terrific conversation with my traveling companion as we trekked home from Sacramento. Our conversation was upbeat, constructive and intense.  Just as I like them. Times like these allows me to celebrate life.

      Authenticity feeds my heart. It makes me come alive. I enjoy relationships where there is a heart connection. I had that today.

3.   Someone dear to me called Tuesday.  That encourages me.  Connecting with loved ones provides the closeness and companionship I need to thrive.  From community I discover a wisdom and experience a support I never know as an isolated person.

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