Thursday, November 26

The Biggest Day For This Inn 11/26/15

       Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This day is fantastic. Its focus is the same as this inn.  Enjoying this day with family and friends appeals to
dearly held values: closeness, community with loved ones.  This day is an opportunity to snuggle in the blanket of warmth that being in the company of good friends provides.
     Today is a cele-bration of the banquet of good that life offers.  I visit with you after enjoy-ing this day of gratitude. This is not Turkey Day.  Calling it that misses the point.  Today is about heartfelt appreciation for His providence.

         Gratitudes are expressed routinely in this inn.  There's much to be grateful for.  Thank you, each one of you who drop by.

      I hope you enjoyed your day.  I did.  May God's blessings and a spirit of gratitude be yours during this holiday season, is my prayer.

My Gratitudes for Today.

1.  In the midst of the holiday stresses, I'm thankful for the peace God offers.  It can transcends our circumstances when we focus on what is good, lovely, noble, excellent and worthy of praise. 
2.  I'm thankful for family and friends---including many of you here, in this community.
3.  I'm grateful for family and loved one who cherish me. I appreciate sharing laughter and heart-felt conversations those dear to me. 
4.  I treasure the decades-long  friends I've have.
    Discovering new friends is  a joy. Old friends, who've known us through weal and woe are rare. They uplift us when we need it. The nurture they provide can't found anywhere else.
5.  I give thanks for the gifts God gave me.  Those are my abilities.  What I do with them is my gift to Him. (John Maxwell)
6.  I'm thankful for the values of home, hearth, and community. 
7.  I'm thankful for my faith. It is a gift.  I didn't seek out God. 
   He found me. 
   Many minimize God, spiritual values.  I'm grateful faith allows me to enjoy life fully. It empowers me to do far more than I could relying upon my strength alone.
    I'm thankful for my relationship with the Almighty. He reached out to me as a bewildered, young man.  This is the greatest thanks I have on this day which commemorates gratitudes. 

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