Tuesday, October 6

Feedback, Its Value 10/6/15

     Operating on three hours of sleep. Ugh!

      Holding my eyes open using tooth-picks. They are effective but uncom-fortable. I will share gratitudes for
this day and be off to bed.
1.  Had a conflict with someone tonight. He interrupted, shushed me, made assumptions and hung up on me. How is that a gratitude??  I was present.  I was honest, he was unhappy I did not bow to his intimidating ways.

     What is a relationship if it isn't authentic?  How meaningful of a connection can we have with someone if we can't give one another feedback?
"Avoiding anything is the opposite of experiencing what is."
      How true.  Letting another person know what we feel about their
behavior is a form of strong contact.  Difficulties with another is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship and develop intimacy.

2. I asked the com-batant I engaged tonight for feedback.  I sent a text that took an hour and five minutes to write, using the maximum characters allowed. A smaller text followed, asking
for his response. The gratitude? Seeking feedback was letting this person know I was interested in his viewpoint and open to learning from him.

    I am far from perfect.  Acknowl-edging this fact I was happy to do.  I am not what I do or don't do. I was not triggered or defensive because of the drama that took place.

3.  I was happy I sat with the tension and discomfort, comfor-table with it, when the dustup took place.  I enjoy seeing myself through the eyes of others.
4.  Allowing people to give feedback, even harsh feedback, clears the air.  The two of us that entered into tonight's fray dealt with old business that surfaced. It may help get us back to being open and relaxed, having addressed the pink elephant living in the living room of our relationship, at last.
5.  Getting feedback eliminates backstabbing. Those tainted with hard feelings have a chance to discuss troublesome areas, not allowing them to fester.

How About You?
What are your three gratitudes for today?

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