Sunday, October 4

Comfortable With Life and All of Its Circumstances, Not Hindered by Fear 10/4/15

       I'm dictating this post using my smart-phone. My laptop gave up its life.

     Life is fantastically good, getting better almost daily.  I spoke with someone tonight.  As I talked, I was
interrupted.  This is a common occurrence.  I speak deliberately. I have to think of each syllable I say. I have a speech impediment. I was brain damaged as a kid.
    I told this person, "I show you respect when you speak. I need you to equally respect me when I talk.  I want you to let me finish my sentences."  I had no idea of the outcome.

      Fortunately, it went well.

     " I love surfing the waves that are tossed my way.
       Minute by minute throughout the day."

      That's my jingle. I'm sticking with it. It reminds me to be present. To experience what is. This is the opposite of being controlling.  We are using control when we avoid anything we think may disturb us.

      Relating gives us practice at handling uncertainty. Relating helps us live with unpredictability. It leads to confidence. No matter what unexpected events come our way, we will respond creatively.

      Control comes from mistrust of ourselves.  It springs from suspicion of the motivation of others. We aren't vulnerable.  We won't be until we know the other person's reactions. We are unable to handle unwanted surprises.

      We have an attitude. We believe we can't handle the unexpected. Because of it, our ability to do so diminishes.  We also lose the fun that comes with taking risks.

My Gratitudes:
1. My buttons were not pushed when I was interrupted today.  I wasn't triggered. I responded, instead of reacting.
2. I love the openness I have to feedback from others.  I welcome it.  It is the only way that I can grow in my relationships.
3. I appreciate the fact my worth is not based on doing something right or wrong.  I am a lovable person simply for being me. I have many who love and cherish me.
4.   I am thankful that I don't fear of criticism.  I am not vigilant for signs of disapproval when with others. I am comfortable in my own skin.

     I enjoy hearing criticism. This information may be helpful in improving who I am.
5. I'm glad I don't let others control me.  One form of control is talking over another person.
6.  My life is rich, dynamic, full of zest. I am free from fear, My mind does not torture me.
7.  My life is improving each day.  I am loved by God, strengthened by His power.  I could not handle life by my resources alone.

How About You?
What are your three gratitudes?

      Hopefully, I can borrow a laptop.  I've dictated plenty, tonight, using my smartphone.  See you tomorrow.

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