Friday, September 4

Sources of Joy, Part II................ 9/4/15

Not Stuart and me.  But you get the idea.
     Leaving gratitudes tonight.  I'll re-write this tomorrow.  Check out the previous post. I overhauled it, revamping what was there.

1.  For my friend Stuart.  He's coaching me, helping me as I relate with others.  I appreciate his loving support.  And his humor, even though it aggravates me when I am in an intense mood.  He knows I need
to lighten up.
2.  My life is fuller, richer, happier, stronger because I relate with others. Most people try controlling people.  I love surfing life, not knowing how an hour or day will eventuate.
3.  For a delightful, honest, loving conversation that was effortless. This person asked what I learned from him.  It was a pleasure letting him know what I appreciate about our times together.
4.  My right wrist is getting better, but it is still not all there.
5.  Someone delivered a meal to my house.  It was a kiss from God.
6.  I'll have special time tomorrow with someone dear.
7.  I spent my day guided by priorities. Got much done.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today? 

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Thumper said...

Hi Pablo,

Here are my gratitudes!

1. Good friends that really listen and support me.
2. The fantastic man in my life.
3. A small good fortune that unexpectedly came my way recently.
4. The job a well deserving friend just landed. Congratulations P.R!

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