Saturday, September 26

Survey of Highs and Lows for the Week................. 9/26/15

    This is the time I review the week that just happened, surveying the highs and lows that came my way.

1.  I have been true to myself.
2.  I had plenty of opportunities to react.  I didn't.
3.  I had no desire to control anyone, at any time, the past seven days.
4.  I was privileged to
help many who were in deep crisis.
5.  I am thankful for having emotional stamina. Twelve of my clients cried deeply this week, one wanted to commit suicide.  Wow.
6.  I went to the movies twice. Both flicks were beyond amazing.
7.  I love having support from friends who are strongly committed to my welfare.
8.  Someone harbored a grudge towards me this week.  In spite of it, I stayed my ground, meeting my need for integrity.
9.  A most important person wrote me a letter. I cherish it and am grateful for the sensitivity demonstrated in it. This person speaks to me in a way no other ever has.

1.  Someone I knew well, I will no longer see, saddening me.
2.  Someone judged me, holding on to resentment, even though outwardly they acted kind toward me.
3.  I relate with several who lack integrity, honesty and authenticity.
4.  I have been tired, a lot.
5.  Someone who was do work for me hasn't. It irks me. 


Anonymous said...

Dear Innkeeper,

I am grateful for

1. Someone I have no hesitation calling my friend. He treated me
to a movie and dinner. I learned that it is important to accept a gift
and their intentions behind it. He said, "You're an amazing person."
And I bashfully smiled. Thank you, kind sir. I guess I'm not so bad after
all. :0)
2. This person taught me how to listen. God whispered
in my ear and told me whatever I was wanting to
share could be heard through his sharing. Listen. I did.
Listening is loving.
3. The honor of having my friend confide in me.
4. Being prompted by God through my church's bulletin this morning
about a C.S. Lewis book called, The Great Divorce, a wonderful
allegory about the fear and courage it takes to accept life's invitation.
I'm reading it during this mellow, Sunday afternoon.
5. Being able to practice equanimity while watching an intense
action movie last night. I could discern just for a few seconds
between my conditioning and equanimity. I learned that it takes
great courage to stay composed in the middle of a storm, but it is

6. My family. I love you guys.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Hello Dear Innkeeper,

My gratitudes are:

1. Going to church on Sunday and hearing a great sermon titled, Enjoying Life In An Uncertain World...Necessary Risks. Great for me because I hate taking risks and usually run away!

2. My counselor who consistently models healthy behavior and teaches how I can live this way too.

3. Healthy friends found in healthy support groups like,Al-Anon Family Groups.

Jane G.Yorkshire

Thumper said...

Hello Pablo,

Here are my gratitudes:

1. Finding a brand new $15 book and only paying $1.00 for it at the library book sale on Saturday.
2. Having a friend remind me of all that I have to be grateful for.
3. Spending time alone with one of my kids this week.
4. The phenomenal compliment my son bestowed upon me this weekend.
5. Getting healing and a much needed rest with the extra time I have on my hands.
6. Going on a date with my hubby.

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