Wednesday, September 9

Life is Getting Better, Relationally and Physically 9/9/15

        So much to say.  Not enough time or alertness at this hour to record my observations.  Over two hundred miles driven, left-handedly today.   Just returned from Sacramento.  Getting training there.

        For the Labor Day holiday on Monday, I went to Great America amusement park.  For those not in the know, it has many rides of the roller coaster nature.  It was hot down there, in Santa Clara and a trip
down Memory Lane. The place was a favorite haunt for my sons and me, years back, when they were young.  The contrast between the park then and now was stark, not for the better.

       The crowd has changed. But the time yesterday was enjoyable, memorable and satisfying in its own right.

       My hand is gradually coming along.  Playing the guitar has been my form of physical therapy. It's working!  My damaged right hand had limited motion until the past three days. Playing the guitar, alot, has helped, making it more nimble.

       Until last week---five weeks after the crash---my hand was tingly. As if I slept on it.  Blood coursing down my arm to my hand has been blocked.  The swelling of my broken wrist prevents my hand from being as vital as I'd like.  Grabbing or holding something with it is now at 15-20% of the strength I had before before crashing my bike and snapping my wrist in two.

        On another front---or should I say hand---I am thrilled. I'm having many opportunities to get real, saying what I feel and want. The results have been great. I am less frustrated, living more consistently according to my values.  Others are getting acquainted with the authentic me.

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Thumper said...

I love the point you made about others getting acquainted with the real you. I am find the value in being authentic. How powerful and fulfilling it is to say what you want and what you feel. It helps us to not hold onto resentment, letting our anger simmer within. This adds to our emotional baggage which is never a good thing. I recently did this with someone a few weeks ago and although this person did not receive it well, it did not matter. What matters is that I was present and authentic and I feel better because of it.

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