Monday, June 8

Gratitudes....... 6/8/15

        Much going on.  Only so much I can handle.  Boundaries help.  I am not interested, busying myself with activities not consistent with my vision for the
Great Big Life I want.  A vibrant life requires balance, time for solitude and silence to even out the hectic nature of urban living.

       It was a hot, busy day, today.  Wiped out, I was, after work.  The weather did me in.  The thermostat in the house said it was 89 degrees.  (31.667 C.)  Made apricot smoothies, that helped.

       I am happy I touch lives every day, helping others overcome life's challenges, disappointments, sadness and anger.  On a personal level, soon, I will voice concerns, taking care of my needs.   Can't wait.  Some things in life don't make sense.  But who said it does?

      The key thing is I am present, in touch with my needs, wants and feelings.  It will be interesting seeing how the next few months turn out. No clue, I have. That's fine. It will be fun discovering what God has for me.

      Hibernating has been my M.O., lately.  Focusing on work.  No, not clients, but writing, creating material I will use.   Boundaries provide balance and sanity. They define who I am and what are my values.

     Good friends accept them.  Those accustomed to getting from me, at all times may not.  They may feel let down because I'm unavailability.  It's their job, dealing with disappointment.  It's mine, keeping priorities straight, making time to write, taking care of other parts of my life and work that is besides sessions with  clients.
Gratitudes for Today:
1.  For books.  Not them in themselves, but the growth they provide, if we apply what we read.
2.  For my health.  Four years ago, I was gravely ill, for three months.  Couldn't get out of bed.  A circle of friends brought meals, because I was not capable of standing. The following year I had pneumonia, with a temperature over a hundred, for a week.

     I am thankful for every day of health I have.
3.  For disappointment. I relate with some who are controlling. Unfortunately, they believe their assumptions, judgments and impressions.  These three ways of thinking do not grasp reality.  A few I know are adhering to their fears.

     The value they place in figuring everything out, even though it is guesswork, lets me practice patience and grace.  I don't expect them to change.  I bless them, sending them on their way, living with the emptiness that the pseudo sense of control offers them.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today?

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Thumper said...

Dear Pablo,

I am also grateful for books! I have been learning to apply what I read instead of trying desperately to absorb all that I can from books by reading as many as possible in a short time. This is the way to grow in their wisdom, as you have pointed out to many times. Thank you!

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