Saturday, June 27

One Way of Slowing Down Our Hectic Life (An Example Inside.).... 6/27/15

     I am squeezing this in, before the day changes it's name, before the new week starts in a few minutes, before I fall asleep from exhaustion, a good tiredness.

     Busy working, I am.  But it is stuff I
like love.  I am enjoying music, during the cracks within my schedule.  Ah, how nice it is, doing research!  It will show up here, probably within the week, once I finish.

     I look forward to tomorrow.  Fun is on tap.  Ten people are coming over. We will play the crazy game of Pit.  There will be joyous screaming.

1.  For time with friends tomorrow.  Celebrating life with others can't be beat.
2.  For the practice I have.  I love what I do and am happy I can serve others, it gives meaning to my life.
3.  For total rest today----research is like eating cotton candy for me. Relaxing allows me to thrive.
4.  For the fact that God has my best interests in mind.  Always. I live by faith, not by sight.  I place my life in His hands. I am not interested in making things happen, that are apart from His will and his guidance.
5.  Having a day free from sessions.  They deplete me.  I needed rest today.
6.  For personal growth.  I love how my life constantly evolves.  Think of a person you admire. What is the difference between them and us?

     Any idea?

     We settle for less.

     I like pushing my life, hard, but with balance.  I eat nutritiously and make time for rest, mental and physical.  Someone wanted to see me today.  No can do. I needed to decompress.
7.  For calligraphy.  Would you like to see a bit of mine?  I do it, while taking notes.  Here's an example.
It was not something I planned on anyone seeing.  It's simply capturing a thought in the book I was reading. I am not using the proper paper, but that is okay.  My soul is more than satisfied. That is what matters. Calligraphy relaxes my mind. This hand is Gothic Litera Bastarda used in 13th C. Northern Germany.  Here's another example:
I combined the previous script with Italic. Using the Gothic for emphasis.

      I thought I'd reveal something about the innkeeper.

     a.  Calligraphy allows me to luxuriate in the words I write.  It feeds the aesthetic part of me, not just the linear.  It allows me to paint my thoughts as I scribe them.
     b.  Calligraphy brings me back to yesteryear, or should I say centuries long ago?
     c.  Calligraphy slows me down, grounding me.  I sense my breathing when I do it. Stroking the page between breaths. It yanks me from the hectic pace of contemporary living, allowing to settle in the meadow of reverie, while studying.
    You might want to take a look at my second to last post---"Four Steps Necessary to Have Freedom From Fear."  I ripped it apart---it is improved, I think. Totally.  Redone.  Let me know what you think.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today?  I'd love hearing from you!

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