Sunday, October 6

Highs and Lows 10/6/13

       Good evening,

As most of you know, on the weekends it's the custom of this inn for us to share our high and low points for the previous week.  Here are mine.

My High Points
1.  I am disappointed with
someone I recently mentored.  How is that a high point?  This person tried justifying actions not consistent with the agreement we had between us. I didn't buy it.

     I worked with this person since March.  Operating by defensive hope I don't do; I'm thankful for seeing the relationship for what it was and taking steps to make things right for me.  We get what we tolerate.

2.  I rode my bike fourteen miles on Friday and eight miles on Saturday.  Long overdue.  Releasing stress from my body through cycling makes me feel better, I connect with nature and provided me with an hour of solitude.

3.  My eldest son has been working with me over the past few days.  He's a businessman with wisdom I lack.  I love him dearly. It's a joy having him as part of my team. His insights are beyond mine, in many practical ways. I'm learning a lot, having greater clarity as to steps I need to take over the next month. I'm thankful that he enjoys laboring with his dad.

4.  Spending as much time as I do, with people, I'm privy to many beautiful, touching, unique and loving stories.  I love my life and my vocation. I'm privileged that I have terrific clients----they are a pleasure to work for!

5.  Over the past week I added five new clients to my practice.  Almost ever day, this past week, I had calls from people who want my services.

6. I attended a conference today.  Many who led the conference modeled amazing qualities.  I learned a lot from them.

7.  I will speak at an event next month.  My third time for this audience.  They have never asked anyone to speak a second time, much less three times. The vote to have me speak was unanimous.  I look forward to the occasion. I enjoy public speaking; it's a joy.

My Low Points
1.  Sleep has been difficult. I've been working split shifts and been busy. It's affecting my rest.
2.  I haven't ridden my bike as much as I like. I've been exhausted.
3.  I still have plenty of filing to do.

How About You? 
What are your high and low points?  Your recounting of them help me to know you better!

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