Monday, October 14

Gratitudes for Last Week And One Thing I Look Forward To This Week 10/14/13

      Good evening all.  It's that time again.  A new week has started.  I'll mix up my normal routine.   Usually I ask for your high and low points for the past week. Tonight, I'm asking, what were three things that happened last week that made you grateful, and one thing you are looking forward to, this week?

Gratitudes for Last Week:

1.  Seeing God at work.  I had several kisses from Him. I received positive heart-felt letters from clients.  I'm happy when I hear the healing they are experiencing as a result of us lancing the boil of painful parts of their past history.

2.  Owning a business has its cycles, its nooks and crannies, like an English muffin.  Last week I spent time with seven new clients.  It's a privilege, becoming a part of their lives, serving them.  I'm glad I can provide principles and exercises that allow my clients to process their past and whatever anxieties they have about the future.  They learn how to stay in the solution, preventing demons from the past to rob them of their joy or destroy their serenity.

3.  I love the many, in-depth conversations I have during the week, I'm thankful that I've learned how to avoid emotional vampires and I'm delighted I was given a new replacement pannier.  It is a combination storage box with saddlebags that attaches to the rack on the back of my bike.  I tore the pockets off left side of the previous one, the result of carrying my laptop in it and jumping off curbs.

Bonus Gratitude:

4. I spent more time this week organizing files related to work.  I love the clarity and order I have when I do.  I've also been rearranging this inn, you may not have noticed. But the layout has changed.

One Thing I Look Forward To This Week: 
1.   MORE REST!  I intend to go to bed earlier this week and getting more hours of sleep.

Okay, How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for last week and one thing you look forward to, this week?  I look forward to hearing your answers. 


Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

On this Tuesday night, I am grateful last week for...

1. Being in a healing circle with friends on Friday night when I could grow via service; leading the sharing. One thought was that..."Conflict is minimized (in our healing circle) when we focus on our common problems and solutions, and avoid divisive struggles over outside issues." We also discussed the value of "Live and Let Live."

2. Quality time on Saturday with my (formerly most petulant) son.

3. A family dinner on Sunday night that was enjoyable for all.

This week I look forward to a rare trip for me of late, flying to NYC on Friday to spend a long weekend with my best friend of 40 years. He leads a global peace organization; academic and interfaith in nature. We have not seen each other in a couple of years; long overdue!

Pablo said...


There are many things I can say about you. One of them is that you are an example of consistency. Wow, and how.

The principle discussed among your circle of friends is critical, for harmony. I'm encountering someone who trying to tear apart a wonderful group of friends I know. Thank you, for your insights.

I'm glad to hear, as I'm posting this after you've returned from your trip, you had a terrific time with a long-time friend. I'm happy for you.

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