Wednesday, October 23

Life Is Better Than Good, It's Great! 10/23/13

    Good evening everyone.  How are you?  I'm doing well, better than normal. My workday lasted 13 hours and it seemed like

      Lately, I've been engaged by others caught in the grip of bitterness. Yes,the vile sludge of bitterness.  Am I glad. " Glad?" You ask?  Yes, I'm glad, as in happy.

      "Why?" you ask? Because I'm thrilled that my personal growth allows me to know joy even when others try to poop on me.

      Such is life.

My Gratitudes For This Lovely Evening

1.  I'm thankful for vicious people. They keep me on my toes. They are a wonderful counterbalance to all the lovely people I know.  They allow me to have greater appreciation for the many with whom I have healthy, nurturing, caring relationships.

     I'm glad I'm not caught up in the corrosive toxicity of bitterness.

2.  I love the strength I have, because of my personal recovery, the work I've done in areas where I was once vulnerable.

3.  I'm thankful for someone who screamed at me, in front of 14 others.  It allows me to have greater compassion for others who suffer this type of plight on a daily basis.  I don't.  Am I glad.

4. I appreciate people who are caught up in the insanity of always thinking they are right, even when presenting their cause only creates dissension, tension.  Witnessing someone badger people---trying to convince them of the rightfulness of their position---gives me something by which to measure my progress.  It allows me a chance to express compassion, give encouragement and share my hope with those caught in the wake of this insecure behavior.


Broken said...

Hi Pablo,

"Why?" you ask? Because I'm thrilled that my personal growth allows me to know joy even when others try to poop on me.

Such is life.

Love those words of yours as well as your appreciation of difficult people :)

My three gratitudes for today are;

1-Having time to watch supernatural

2-Being able to handle change better than I expected

3-Getting to know and connecting with a great friend

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

On this cool, crisp, Thursday, autumn night, I am grateful...

1. For a fascinating, bitter-sweet gathering with friends last night in which I could hear and be heard, bring some joy/levity, and hopefully thoughtful reflection. It seems we all bring different kinds and amounts of "baggage" to the party. Hopefully we all take less home than we brought!

2. For an intense but hopefully beneficial conversation tonight with our impulsive, impatient #3 son, who is at a crossroads in his nearly 25 years; about to join the Army National Guard, and begin to turn his life around.

3. I can turn-in early after a marathon day of travel, delivering seafood, cold-calling high-end restaurants, and dining with friends in the Berkeley hills, overlooking the sun setting on the city by the bay.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

My three gratitudes for today are:

1. It's Friday
2. Snow flurries!! I love snow and we had our first flurries last night
3. The fact that my Bengals are in first place

Pablo said...

To each who wrote a comment, thank you for your gratitudes!!! For this post, as I write, we have 13, including mine. It means much to me, seeing us lighting candles of thankfulness in this world, rather than cursing the darkness.

Dear Broken,

You don't know how happy I am, seeing you here. What a beautiful avatar you have. It's amazingly feminine.

So, you liked that sentence in my post. I do too. It accurately describes what I've experienced from two unsafe, narcissistic people. And that's okay. I enjoy life and thrive because I don't allow emotional vampires to suck the joy and happiness I know.

I don't go to Home Depot to look for a loaf of bread. Likewise, it's futile expecting anything good from someone who is an emotional bully or narcissist---an unsafe person.

Thank you for your gratitudes! I, too, am happy that I'm discovering a tremendously fulfilling friendship with someone special.

@ Carl,

Dear co-gratitude giver, what are you learning from your time with those friends? What needs of yours were fulfilled by attending?

I hope you got rest. I did, last night.

@ Keith,

Thank you, for dropping by. You probably know that whenever you post, I reply.

My mind can't imagine snow. I have no idea what that would be like.

I'm a football fan, too. Following your team's success must make you feel good, meeting your need for celebrating life.

I so appreciate your visits!

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