Sunday, September 29

Peace: Mental, Emotional and Physical 9/29/13

       Good evening everyone,

Here I am, again---this time refreshed---as not only this day, but this month is facing the witching hour, it is about to change
its name.

      Nearly twenty-four thousand views happened this month, at this cozy, positive place in cyberspace. That's a record.  As the trajectory of stats indicate, 65,000 views in the last three months, it looks like this pace will continue growing.

      I'm rested as I write, even though it's late.  I dozed away, earlier this evening, my mind was wiped out.  My work is rigorous and I labored today.

My Sunday Gratitudes:

Peace of Mind
1.  I've organized my paperwork.

      I like the increasing clarity and competence I have when I do.  I'll continue keeping my papers and numbers in order in October: I like being considerate towards me.  When I have my life in place I celebrate life more: it has more peace, harmony and effectiveness.

Emotional Equanimity
2.  Someone confronted me today.  It was fascinating listening to him.  It was interesting, noticing what I felt, as he criticized.  I was relaxed, at peace.

     When done reciting his perception of my faults, he intently read my face, trying to decipher my reaction.  I was calm, but concerned.  I thanked him for his feedback, wanting to hear more.  He confessed his cynicism towards me was due to his unbelief in the sincerity of others.

      For him, this is especially true towards kind and positive people.  When growing up, his father was harsh---physically and emotionally unavailable.  He received little encouragement.  It is hard for him to accept the kindness of others.

      I love being free from the effects of criticism.  When hearing negative comments towards me, I translate their judgments into the need that lie beneath.  I also realize their negative observations are a telling statement about them, not me.  And so it was, as the critic confessed.  Freedom from externally referenting increases my joy and peace of mind.

      Also, I am not what I do, or don't do.  My worth is not a result of performance.  I'm loved and lovable because I am me.  This reality is mine because I have mature, emotionally healthy friends and drink in the love I receive daily from the God of my understanding.

Peace: Physically
3.  I've been stressed lately.  I'm thankful for HALT.   Click on this link if you want to learn how to take care of yourself, when stressed.  It's a sanity saver, tranquility inducer.   I look forward to cycling tomorrow.  I have plenty of energy that needs discharging.

How About You? 
In what areas would you like to have more peace and equanimity?


Vanessa Higgins said...

Peace is the hardest in a state of depression. You are so sure you are worthless and that only bad things will happen and that you need to end the pain of the world by taking your life. In this state I try to find meditation, yoga and other peaceful activities but the mind is spiralling out of control. Wow.

Pablo said...

Dear Vanessa,

Thank you, for your honesty. I'm sad hearing how you sometimes feel. You are not alone. You have my support. Let me know when might be a good time for us to chat, using Skype.

Be assured, you are NOT worthless. If you feel desperate, do what you are doing here---let someone know. There are many other things you can do to relieve stress and the torment of depression and anxiety.

Let's talk soon, okay?

A concerned innkeeper

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