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Effort, Necessary For Growth, Not Mental Stimulation. Also, Spending Time With Eeyore ...................9/25/13

The Fremont hills. I climbed these as a youth.
 I grew up in this area, in the Niles enclave. 
A Busy Day

      How are you?

Thank you, for stopping by.  Four hundred and thirty of you dropped by today, with more than a thousand views.  Am I tuckered out with innkeeper duties, putting all those little chocolates on each of your pillows.

    How has your week been?  Mine has been good, thank you.

“It's snowing still," said Eeyore gloomily.
"So it is."
"And freezing."
"Is it?"
"Yes," said Eeyore. "However," he said, brightening up a little, 
"we haven't had an earthquake lately.”      ― A.A. Milne

Busy With Eeyore

      I spent time with Eeyore late this evening.  Or so it seemed.  "Bob" justified dwelling upon the
sadness life offers.  It's rare, associating with someone with a dark perspective.  I avoid them as much as I do mayonnaise.

      I'm keenly aware I am the average of the five people I hang out with.  I didn't realize "Bob" was as depressive as he is: he has a wonderful smile.  We've been getting acquainted.  He wants personal growth, and wants to remain miserable, too.  I'm the wrong person for "Bob," and the converse is true, too.

Growth Requires Effort, Often It Is Agonizing

      I'm sorry, but his outlook doesn't work for me.  I wish this fellow well, but he's not my cup of tea.  I hang out with stay-in-the-solution people.  Bob sought me out, even bringing a notebook, wanting my mentoring.

      Ideas.  That's what he wanted.  But, he won't make the invest-ment---the effort---necessary for life's improvements. Growth is not the result of epiphanies, neatly packaged intellectual lessons, as he anticipated.  Damn the school system that exalts approaching life only cognitively, not at all emphasizing the affective part of our being.

       Epiphanies don't change character.  Rolling up our sleeves, agonizing, applying demanding principles above our default modes---those tried but untrue, unhealthy habits and dysfunctional thinking---that creates the growth we seek.  Success is never effortless, a gift cheaply given.
        "Kalepa ta kala"

       This ancient Greek jingle says, "That which is beautiful (kalws),---admired and highly esteemed---is only derived through effort and struggle (kalepa)."  The following video expresses my sentiments.

Gratitudes for Wednesday:

Having A Sanity Inducing Perspective

1.  I'm glad my people picker works and I'm thankful for freedom from co-dependency---it's not my job, nor my desire, rescuing others. Futility has no appeal.  A person's desire to get healthier has to be stronger than my desire to help them.  Otherwise, I'm outta there!   Beyond codependency.

2.  I broke bread with two men this evening.  The life shared among us was invigorating.  The robust nature of the time spent with them came in handy, little did I know, then.

     It prepared me for two downer moments that followed the meal, one of them was time spent with an Eeyorish person, the other vitality sapping moment was relating with a person who for two weeks has drained my emotions, as I've listened to his sad tales.

      The honesty, openness and vulnerability enjoyed in our dinner conversation provided the vitality needed later tonight.  I appreciate the authenticity, closeness and companionship we shared.
Beyond superficiality.

3.  I received a letter from a new friend.  I love letters that set me laughing.  And so it was.  I'm thankful for the joy shared between friends.  I like how this person thinks and I delighted in his perspective.  I'm grateful he wrote me an in-depth letter.  I'm thankful that our friendship doesn't need stimulation; it stimulates itself.  Beyond loneliness.

4.  This week I received three client approval letters within one day, in addition to two more, two weeks ago.  I'm happy.  I love the work I do and I'm thankful my work allows me to help others and they appreciate what I do.  Beyond staleness

How About You?
What are three gratitudes you have for today?  Let me hear them. Thank you!

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