Friday, September 27

What Were Your High and Low Points for The Past Week? 9/27/13

    Good evening,

We've finally arrived at the weekend.  As most of you know,  one of our customs here, at the inn, is
revealing the high and low points for the week.  Here are mine:

High Points
1.  I maintained my boundaries this week, even when confronted to surrender them.  Most of us don't have any.  At least, consciously, we don't.  I do.  They are a sanity saver.  Nowadays, values are in a state of flux, for most.  Mine aren't.  I'm clear as to what's acceptable and what isn't.

      Having mental clarity about my boundaries is the result of deliberating as to what mine are.  I make time to inventory them, writing them down, reviewing them.  How do we know when our values are trodden upon, if we are unclear as to what ours are?

2. Not only am I certain about my boundaries, I'm unafraid about adhering to them, regardless of the pressures to stray from them.  Someone argued with me about mine, this past Wednesday.  Ironically, this same person wants the joy and serenity I have.  The fulfillment I enjoy is the result of my boundaries.  They are the door to my soul that lets the good in, keeping the bad out.

     "Bob" can believe whatever he wants.  That's his right.  But, I am definite about my moral code and won't budge. For more about "Bob" and me, you can read here.

     I don't surrender my values, in order to be politically correct or popular.  I don't let others define me.  I have self-confidence.  It is the product of the strength and direction I have when placing principles before my personality, when facing confronting life's demands. My principles---boundaries---are slate stones that get me through the bogs of life.

3.  I'm thriving because my life is balanced.  I make time for sleep.  My priorities are set in the morning and I stick to them, using them as the North Star guiding my day.  My life is effective and more serene, because of boundaries.
      "Order and simplification is necessary for the mastery of any subject."  Thomas Mann
Low Point

  It can appear that there's too much demanding my time, if I only looking at what's before me, not keeping God in the equation.  Fortunately, turning my day over to the God of my understanding helps sort out the wheat from the chaff.  It provides the serenity I seek.
"Through prayer and meditation we try to increase our conscious contact with God, praying only for knowledge of His will and the power to carry it out."  Step 11.
How About You? 
What were your high and low points for this past week?  I'd love hearing them.

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Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

On this Saturday night, my HIGHS for the week were;

1. Being MC for an amazing speaker this morning at our monthly community of faith breakfast.

2. Hearing our youngest son perform now twice this week; on Thursday night in Berkeley, and again this morning at the breakfast; bass both times (and the band was hot this AM!)

3. A rich and meaningful follow-up reflection luncheon in Alameda today, with my wife and ten organizers of the U.N. Peace Forum (U.N. Int'l Day of Peace) held a the Pacific School of Religon on Sunday, September 8.

4. Being able to say NO to a chef who had planned poorly, run out of Tuna at noon on a Saturday (my day off) and needed a second delivery. I won the Grand PRIX this time; standing in my Power, Recovery, and Integrity, which led to having an Xcellent day! I told him (all true) we close at noon on Saturday and that I was both off today, and out of town (In Alameda...I live in Castro Valley!)After a long pause, he surrendered to the inevitable, said "I understand, no problem." I could then return to my delightful luncheon with my wife and some significant peace activists!

5. Intuiting tonight that my friend/colleague at work who is transferring to Miami next week, was affected by the disease of alcoholism, growing up in her home. I was thus inspired to highlight certain key passages in a daily reader; Courage to Change, and give it to her as a going-away gift, along with a powerful list of "Letting go means..." She read a few of them and said, "Wow, this is talking about ME!" Turns out its the best gift I could have possibly given her! She will begin to read it tonight, and promises to find and begin visiting Al-Anon Family Group meetings once settled in Miami! I could not be happier for her!

My LOWS for the week were;

1. Dealing with a small claims court, landlord - rental dispute matter involving our #3 son.

2. Eating too much rich, fried food at Johnny Garlics in Dublin tonight at a going away dinner for my colleague. Thank God for Tums! PS; I love Guy Fieri's TV Show; "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives," however...

3. Running out of Haagen Daz Ice Cream on a Saturday night!

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