Saturday, September 28

A Surprising Evening and A Special Day for A Special Person 9/28/13

Gratitudes for Saturday: 

1.  Had a session with a new client today.  It was intense, but intensely good.  He spoke for 65 minutes without stopping. That was
phenomenal.  And this is a guy who, a few months ago, would have nothing to do with a counselor.
2.  I filed last night for three hours.  Sounds boring, doesn't it?  It wasn't; I loved it.  The order and clarity it provides, as well as the mental ease I have, when on top of my paperwork feeds my inner adult.
3.  I met with friends this evening.  It was good gathering together for a potluck and hearing three of them give a talk. I derive strength when I have community and connection with others.
4.  I love relating with a caring, compassionate, patient God, who is especially there for me, when life is demanding.  I'm grateful for His power and thriving that happens when I draw upon it.  Prayer during life's darkest hours radiates the light of His Presence within the cave of my soul. We are as strong spiritually as we are in our prayer.
5.  I participated in a raffle today, and won, twice!  That was a change of routine and a welcomed surprise.

A Surprise
      Someone I once knew very well showed up to tonight's event.  My former girlfriend.  I was glad seeing her get support from friends we have in common.  She attended to be there for a close friend she's known for years, one of the three who spoke.

       We greeted one another.  To be honest, it was startling, when I first spied her in the assembly room.  She has not attended to this event in more than a year.  She's a kind person, and wise.

6.  I'm glad for the discernment that helped me to sever our bond, for placing principles above any advantages there were, in what we once shared as a couple.

7.  Today, the weather was fabulous.  The Bay Area was in the high 70's, with a cool breeze, no humidity, no mosquitoes----life doesn't get better!

A Special Day

     On this day, my father was born.  He has passed on.  I thankful for all he did, his hard work and the love he had for each of his kids.  His humor, I treasure, along with his desire for his children to make the most out of their lives.

How About You? 
What are three gratitudes you have for today? 

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