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Calmness in the Eye of the Emotional Storm 3/1/17

Troubles are often the too;s by which God fashions us for
better things.  Image:  "Countryside: Across the Valley by Tim
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      Thanks for drop-ping by.   Please remember the vision for this inn. This is a gratitude journal for those who drop by in cyberspace.

        It's a great feeling, not persev-erating when stressed. Getting agitated
never helps. How can we be mentally clear, when panicking?

        Feeling equilibrium, drawing from God's strength and love is preferred.  It's an amazing gift, having this as our routine reaction during troubling times.  Peace of mind, while swirling in the eye of an circumstantial storm helps us keep our focus.

        Serenity is an amazing gift.

       It is the result when we apply principles above the vulnerable parts of our personality. It happens when we lean on God and good friends.  These options are better than the inadequate coping methods we used as children, or prior to knowing recovery.

        We do not want bitterness or self-loathing reigning.  They are  no longer our default mode.  This helps especially when experiencing drama or disappointment. Using healthy, constructive alternatives is more effective.

       Often, we find it is better to not think, just do.  (We don't work for Nike.)  If w don't live by recovery principles, we could analyze too much. this is trying to control the uncontrollable. 

       That is futility.

       We want to be gentle towards ourselves when wrong. This is treating ourselves with tenderness. For many, this was not our experience when we erred as children.

       Back then, for many, making a mistake was the end of the world.  We were punished.

       There is hope for our past. We can create new legacies, replacing the ineffective methods used when growing up with our family of origin.  We can love ourselves when we goof.

       When we experience a sad, disappointing or frustrating moment, it can be a monument to our past pain, or, by how we respond, it can reflect the healing, growth and grace we know.  This healing is the result of connecting with gracious people who don't judge.

        Sure, it may feel good----temporarily---being petulant during trying times. But, do we want to yield to emotional fragility?  I prefer the peace, joy, and harmony I feel, when replacing my character defects with the perspective recovery offers. 

        My life advances when I replace ineffective pattern of living with behavior that serves me better.   Placing principles above the weak and vulnerable parts of my personality is a slogan that serves me well.

       I am glad I've learned a better way to live. Life now is not only about being at peace with others, and circumstances, but myself.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today? I'd love hearing them.  Thanks!

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