Thursday, March 9

Overview of Nearly Six Years............. 3/9/17

The Attitude of Gratitude Inn
        My computer is broken.  Now, for several weeks.  Not working is the space bar.

        The last post was a pain.  In between every sing-le word, I added a letter.  Then colored it black, thereby
creating spaces.  Ugh! A borrow-ed computer allows me to say hi today.

         Fast approaching, is a special day.  In four days this inn will be six years old.   What have I learned since this place of gratitude has opened?  Let me see....

1.  How hard it is to write well.  Tolstoy said every time he wrote he left a little bit of his blood in the inkwell.  I can relate.
2.  How much I enjoy the struggle involved in writing. Hemmingway said:
 "It’s none of their business that you have to learn how to write. Let them think you were born that way."
3.  Many readers and clients tell me they appreciate my efforts as an innkeeper.  Knowing that makes what I do here worthwhile.
4.  I've created a helpful resource which will outlast me.
     I've written on hundreds of topics.  What I've shared here will be the basis for several books forthcoming.
5.  Being the innkeeper, providing material for guests has clarified my thinking. I know of nothing else that sharpens my thinking than to write what percolates within on paper.
6.  I have grown as a writer by opening this inn.  The one thousand, two hundred and fourteen  (1,214) posts written are the result of effort. Also the product of conscientiousness and discipline.

    And of revising and revising and doing some more, a couple of days later.  I'll add they are a product of joy, too.
7.  The value of being positive when I state things.  Others are more likely to engage with what I write if I state my points positively.  This means saying what I like and want, not saying what I don't want or don't like.
8.  During the past six years I have noticed how much people believe and live by their mental chatter!  (Rarely do I use exclamation marks.  This is perhaps the third time in six years.)
     One of the biggest things I emphasize with others is that all conclusions, judgments, assumptions and interpretations are not experienced, they are imagined.
9.  I enjoy the wonderful surprises that emerge when writing.  I agree with Flannery O'Connor said.  "Sometimes I don't know what I have to say until I start writing."

     Writing has a life of its own.  Ideas surface that I didn't know I had.  They appear while scribing.

Gratitudes for Today:
1.  For authenticity when relating with anyone.
2.  For discernment.  I had a session with a new client.  It was a bad experience.

      I'm glad that I did not suggest that we meet again.  The sad thing is that this client is going to die soon.  She is a victim of her false beliefs.

      She has not opened up to a single person, her entire life.  She suffers as a result.

      Our number one need is bonding with others.  We get release by relating with others.
3.  For running this week.  It helps me decompress.  It is a form of taking care of me.
4.  For finding my wallet tonight.  It was missing for a day.  I "Let Go and Let God" while dealing with this problem.  I did not panic.  I trusted it would surface.

How About You?
What are your three gratitudes for today.

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