Monday, July 31

Hope For Our Past 7/31/17

     I am posting again.

     This is the fourth post in two-and-a-half weeks.  I am glad.  Writing meets my need to self-express.

     It also allows us to be together. Thank you, for dropping by.  It fills the rooms of this inn, which makes the innkeeper happy.


      Yes, the news is getting our attention.  There is much that can worry us.  Especially here, in the U.S.

      Instead, we can focus on our friends, family and the loving relationship we can have with a gentle, gracious, God.  When we use recovery, we have principles that enable us to overcome the vulner-able parts of our personality. We become disengaged from the disease of codependency.

      Recovery heals scars received when we were younger.  It gives us the balm of hope for wounds received while mistreated in the past. Yes, the past.  We can at any time, go back to unpleasant times and set them aright.

       We can get our wounded parts restored with the plastic surgery of recovery.

       Stones and pebbles embedded in the knees of our past, that happened when we were tripped by abusive others, can be removed. This happens when we live using recovery.  We apply the great ideas personal growth provides.

       It starts with talking out our feelings with good friends.  It continues with us, each day, growing, developing our character.

      We will smile more because the fractures to our soul, that happened in the past can get mended, restored.  This takes place when we use newer and better behavior to replace old default modes that have lost their effectiveness and are no longer needed nor appropriate.

     We put our wounds where they belong.  In. The. Past.  When we do, our emotional and mental gait becomes normal, once again. We no longer limp, due to past wounds. We move forward, no longer tethered to the weight of ancient emotions.

       We will be less obsessive in our thinking because recovery makes us fearless.  This is not because we are courageous.

        Our absence of fear is in knowing, that whatever we do, we know we are not what we do or do not accomplish. Our worth is not performance based.  We are worthful simply for being the amazing, precious people we are.

        With this perspective, we are less controlling. We do not need to manipulate outcomes.  Instead, we are present.

         We know we can handle any difficulty. We don't need to defend ourselves.  We just need to experience reality, the "what is" of life, instead of jumping to conclusions.

         May you have a terrific and grateful Tuesday.

         I know I will. 

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