Wednesday, July 26

Rolling With Manipulative Punches, Enjoying Life.................. 7/26/17

     Good after-noon, everyone,  I am getting back to the vision of this inn of gratitude. This is the place where we can share what we are thankful for.

     I would be happy, if you could join me, by adding your gratitudes. I only ask for three.

 My Grati-tudes for Today:
1.  I am sleeping better.  I am getting more hours of it.  This is progress in the right direction. When I sleep more, my thriving and equanimity increases.

     I feel it in my body.  It is swell, being more rested, calmer than I normally am, my personality is pretty tranquil, to begin with.

2.  For great friendships.

    I spent time with Stuart on Sunday. At Fenton's Ice Cream-ery. A bustling place for more than 123 years.  Yes, more than a century and score of years.

    It's a tradition we share.  We go there for his birthday.  And so it was.

    The whole place, squished with people everywhere, sang to him, "Happy Birthday."  His sly smile as they rang a cowbell and declared his birthday revealed he enjoyed being acknowledged.  This was true even though it was a tad embarrassing.

     But it was an awkwardness of the good kind.

     He is beyond a good friend.  He's great, terrific, amazing and wise.  I cried while with him.  Tears streamed as I sat among the throng that swarmed around us, at this place that dishes out delights of the creamy kind.

  The sprinklers went on because of my appreciation and joy in knowing him. They poured forth as I shared second tradition with him. I mentioned what I liked about him, his impact in my life.

       I do this on people's birthdays.

      I let him know I am a better person after spending time with him.  I feel lighter, even though I am dark complexioned. (That's a joke, friends.)  I am heard when spending time with him.

      He is open to what I have to say.  He doesn't judge.

      He is a caring person who doesn't mind if I disagree.  He encour-ages it, even. Such open-mindedness is refreshing.  It is terrific to be known and appreciated for who I am.

3.  I am glad for the fruit of recovery.  Recently, interactions with an unpleasant person allowed me to exercise personal growth derived from Al-Anon Family Groups.
      The fellow was disrespectful.  He tried intimidating, to knock me back, at-tempting to make me feel uncomfortable.  His ruse, attacking me, didn't work.  Inwardly, I smiled as I saw his reper-toire of manipulative tricks.

      He didn't realize I am not codependent.  I don't let others de-fine me.  Nor I get my worth by how others regard me or by what I do.

      I have a strong self-image because of the incredible love I get from my strong circle of friends.

      I also derive strength from the loving, gentle, nurturing relation-ship I have with the God of my understanding.  Working a strong program, living by its literature, enables me to place principles above the vulnerable parts of my personality, too.

     And because of these factors I have an Attitude of Gratitude.

    Wishing you a terrific day.  I know mine will be.

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