Monday, January 23

Joy, Love and Peace Discovered While Cooped-Up 1/23/17

       Went through a box of Kleenex yes-terday.  My bed and I have been compan-ions for nearly a week.

Insights gotten during this time:

1.  Never take for granted the ability to breathe normally.  I have been abnormal since last Thursday.  My friends will say I have
been for a longer time than that.

      When I have a brief moment of clear breathing, which happens, it is an amazing relief.  My present circumstances are creating tremendous appreciation for taking in air, effortlessly.  Whenever that day happens.

2.   I keep good com-pany with myself.  Not once bored while cooped in my bedroom for days.  I am grateful for an active mind, a happy disposition, a posi-tive attitude.

       The reservoir of our hearts is made full and glad by the authentic and unconditional love received from many.  I am humbled to be deeply loved by a multi-tude of amazing people.

3.   It's okay, slowing down.  Even better, to sleep, when I can.  I am not what I accomplish.  This is a false belief that has led many to per-dition.
"School, work, projects, obligations, all helped me focus outward. That way I didn't have to rest long enough to feel how frightful my life was."         Courage to Change, p. 198
       Achievement or lack of it does not define me.  It's an achievement realizing this truth.

4.  Connecting with others is a soul saver.  Bonding with those who love us reminds us we are cherished.  This has been true for me while remaining bedridden.

5.  "The little foxes ruin the vineyards."     Song of Solomon 2:15.

      Like a fly in an ointment is my nose.  It is the most amaz-ing and confounding whistle.

     When trying to sleep, my nostrils keep me awake. Little flute-like sounds snatch away desired moments of rest.  I laugh during the competing times between my proboscis need to toot and my body's craving for rest.

     So far, I am unable to sleep or create tunes that entertain.

6.  The importance of closing the drapes?  None.  I've been tucked away in my bedroom.

     There isn't any-thing for a Peeping Tom to see. This task is one less thing to do.  (Three sets of drapes in the living room.)

7.  Laying down, the fluids in me meander their way to my lungs, like syrups working down a tall sundae at Fenton's Ice Creamery. If only they were as tasty.

     My constant hacking is creating great abs.  At least it feels that way. They are so tight, it hurts when I laugh.

     Thank you, for dropping by to visit with an ill innkeeper.  It means a lot.  I'd love hearing your gratitudes. 

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