Friday, February 3

The Source for Strength, Hope and A Dynamic Life 2/3/17

      It is in our best interests, connecting with God.

     Several hours before work that is something I do.  It is best that before mundane concerns distract us from drinking in His Presence.

     Avoiding the Internet, and video games is a good idea, too.  Little personal growth happens when we are consumed by e-mails, Facebook, YouTube, and TV.  It is better profiting our souls.

      Yes, we can find a biscuit in a garbage can.  But that is not where we
go to find something to eat.

      Wonderful things transpire when we nurture ourselves, spiritually. When we spend time in spiri-tual study, meditation, and prayer, we extend our roots into the riv-er of God's presence.

      Creating this special space in our lives will let the leaves of our lives to remain evergreen.  They will not be burned nor browned by the drought of difficulties, agitated people or setbacks.

     Peace, joy, and hope are ours when we spend time with Him.  The happiness and strength we will experience throughout the day are derived from this Power greater than ourselves.

     It is not the result of positive thinking.

     Nor is it because we try harder, relying upon our resources when confronted with challenges.  We can have zest to our life.  Unflagging strength throughout the day can be our reality.  All we have to do is be a jar.

     Yes, a jar.

   What gives a jar its value is not how strong it is.  Nor is it valued because it is attractive.  What gives an ordinary clay jar its worth is what it holds.

      Such a plain jar filled with wine is more valuable than one filled with water.  A jar filled with a precious ointment is treasured more than an empty pot.

      A jar is made to hold something.  If it doesn't, it's worthless.  It is not fulfilling the purpose for which it was made---to hold something.
We now have this light shining in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure [God]. This makes it clear that our great pow-er is from God, not from ourselves.  II Corinthians 4:7
       I am humbled having the presence of God dwelling within this earthen vessel.  This happens when we allow Him to fill us with His love, peace, and strength as we spend time communing with Him.


    For three weeks I've been ill.

    No running.  A lot of coughing.  Mucho time in bed.

    I'm getting better.  Thank you, for asking.  In the midst of illness and working, I've been lapping up life.

     It's been tasty.

      Emotional resiliency has been the theme lately.  It's not easy.  At first.  But like driving a car or riding a bike it gets easier with practice.

      My High Points for This Week
1.  Less coughing.  Someone generous gave me his sickness.  I'm beginning to mend, allowing me to sleep better.
2.  I'm learning patience.  It kills me I can't run.  It's taking every bit of my self-discipline to not run.

    If I did, I'd kill my feeble lungs which are filled with fluids.
3.  I ended a working relationship with a client. I don't care to be frustrated.

     I was frustrated.

     For those who only know me as a writer, I'll share a warning I give clients.  Their desire to get healthy has to be stronger than my desire to help them.  If that is not the case, they are wasting their money and my time.

     I felt much better after releasing this client.
4.  Someone, without prompting did my laundry.  Imagine that!   My washer machine broke down.  No fun.

       This fellow---aware of my plight---came over today. He took my wash.  Fancy that.  He didn't even ask for the pound of quarters needed to do this task at the laundromat.

       I was touched and my day was brightened by this person's sensitivity, compassion, and helpful nature. 

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