Thursday, January 5

Discernment Needed For Healthy Relationships. The 1st Video Message From the Innkeeper ...................1/6/17

      Today's content is different.

      And how.  It fol-lows my strongest suit as a public speak-er. This is my foray into using video at this inn.  It is the first of many that will be shared here.

      Today's topic is in line with the previous post, "Expressing Our Feelings."  It deals with discernment.  There are indicators that help us determine whether it is wise relating with someone.

      It is important to know who is safe and those we want to

      A new client I saw tonight is a film di-rector.  Within minutes, after our session, he showed the basics, using my laptop.

        What you see today is the result.

        Perhaps streaming live conferences will be an outgrowth of this new dimension to the inn.  We could discuss how to have the life we want and deserve. Wow.

        Videos in the Attitude of Gratitude Inn will get better.  In the mean-time, some of you haven't met me personally.  This is one way we can get better acquainted.

        Please let me know your response by leaving a comment below.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your video share. It's so amazing to be able to actually see as we learn the difference between safe and unsafe people. Thank you for sharing this in video form. I can now watch, listen and watch again ;).

Wcp ;)

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