Monday, November 28

Taking Care Of Ourselves During a Crazy Season: The Advent of Christmas.............. ...................11/28/16

      Now is a good time to slow down.  I know this is the opposite of what we experience, while gearing up for Christmas.

       Many of us need to pro-cess the holidays.  This time of year involves interacting with others.  This includes encounter-ing disturbing people.  Or it may be seeing difficult relatives we don't usually come across any other time.

       When with them, there can
be the combustion of clashing personalities.  Or there may be unpleasant history shared that creates friction, awkwardness.  These challenging aspects of the holiday season motivate us to make time.

       For ourselves.

       We need to grieve and apply the balm of re-covery.  It is important to our health to process what barrages us, emotionally and phy-sically.

       Feeling and processing neg-ative interactions is critical. It helps us maintain emo-tional balance, equanimity.

      As children, we may not have been allowed to mourn.  Being in touch with our feelings when disturbed is being present. It is what it means to be alive.  It is important for main-taining our sanity.

      It helps us overcome crazy-making times when relating with others who trigger us.

      When we think, we distance ourselves from what we ex-perience.  When we feel, we are the experience.  We are in touch with what we want.

      We are our au-thentic selves.  When we present our artificial selves, we experi-ence what Ann Wilson Schaef de-scribes as "soul murder."  It leads to many ills, depres-sion, isolation, self-loathing and many neuroses.

       What causes us to not be authentic?  Toxic shame.  We believe if we present our transparent selves, we will not be accepted, loved.  We fear being ridiculed for our values or having a different perspective.

       What is the antidote for shame?  Enjoying unconditional love and acceptance from the good company we keep.  These are our Balcony People.

My Gratitudes:
1.  For changes taking place in my life.  It's stressful facing disruptions from the normal routine.

    Going through such times makes me press closer to God, relying on Him.
2.  I am thankful for sleep.  It restores my mind and body.
3.  For fantastic conversations. They nurture me.  I love having heart-to-heart authentic conversations.

   Wishing you a terrific Tuesday.  I know mine will be. 

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