Tuesday, December 6

What's Needed to Have Our Love Bank Filled....... 12/6/16

       You've been patient.

       So, here I am.  I know, I've been scarce.  I value your vi-sits.

       I am spinning many plates.  Haven't run much.   I was doing that routinely.  It's been on pause for two weeks.  I'll  run tomorrow, even if it rains.

      When under stress, it's important, taking care of our physical needs.

       It is wonderful, when we bask in the glow of receiving desperately
needed practical help.  That happened today, for me.  It is over-whelming when we have more demands facing us than Superman does in a month.

     Not improving matters is when our brain operates at the AAA battery level.

     Tackling our problems are daunting, then.  Mentally and emotionally depleted, we can be, when barraged by harsh, frantic and uptight people.  Symptoms that frequent us this time of year.

       While shopping last weekend, walking from Michael's to Radio Shack, in San Leandro, from eighty feet (28.38 meters) I heard, "Move your car!!!!"  It came from a young and otherwise pretty driver.

        She was stuck behind a car waiting for different car to pull out from their parking spot.  "Merry Christmas to you, too," I said to myself as I walked on by.  Next time I date someone, I'll ask her to drive on a busy shopping day.

        I'll see what she does.  I'll probably know her better than going on ten dates with the woman.

         Tension from others drains us.  Support, stability, and peace of mind are with-drawn from our love bank, that source of joy stored within us.

         The guy who helped me today made it possible to over-come the most difficult prob-lem faced this week.  It was as bewildering as figuring out a Rubik's Cube.

         He was calm. I was flustered.  He got me unstuck.  Bless you, dear friend, for placing deposits in my love bank.  I was nearly bankrupt.

         It feels terrific, when others dote on us.  It restores our soul when others listen.  To. Us.  It is a gift--something to marvel about---when someone assists us in a desperate hour of need.

         This is doubly true when we feel as secure as a bunny surrounded by alligators. That was me today.   Thank God for community.

Gratitudes for Today:
1.  For resting my bones.  The day went in unexpected direc-tions.  I did less than planned.  It was the exact pace I needed.

2.  For confronting demanding practical concerns.  Today, it was a relief, remov-ing a major bundle of straws from this cam-el's back.

3.  For those who demonstrate how much they value me.  It is wonder-ful being loved, connecting at the heart level with friends.  I enjoy sky-soaring, soul-satisfying conversations, nearly every day.

     I was comfortable with that.  I am not defined by what I accomplish or by what I fail to do.  I am defined by simply being me.

     My best for today was good enough.

4.  For honesty, for being authentic. This is needed to have our love bank filled.  Today's helpful person in my life asked, "How are you?"  It was not a formality.  When I was genuine with him, and said "Not well," he responded.

     He put aside his plans for the day.  He provided practical support. He was selfless.  How often do we encounter that?

      Now you know why I have an Attitude of Gratitude.

How About You? 
     What are your gratitudes for today?   Please share, I enjoy hearing from you. 

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